Batavia History

Volume One
No. 1

Batavia, Illinois
February 1960


A nation which does not remember what it was yesterday does not know what it is today, nor what it is trying to do. We are trying to do a futile thing if we do not know where we came or what we have been about. – Woodrow Wilson


SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1960, at 3 P.M. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Corner E. Wilson St. and Washington Avenue



History of the Snow Residence  

Have you noticed the similarity of the architecture of the Snow and the Brandon homes? Who built these lovely Greek Revival houses?  Mrs. Snow will have the answers. MRS. J. HAROLD BLAIR. The Early Music of Batavians Batavia has always been music-minded. How many Batavia bands can you remember?  Come and talk over “old times” and, of course, “present times” too.


Miss Eunice Shumway, as Temporary Chairman, called the Organization Meeting to order. Mr. Malcolm Derby was made Permanent Chairman, and Mrs. Miriam Johnson, Recording Secretary, until officers are elected. Mr. Raymond Patzer read the proposed By-Laws for the Batavia Historical Society and they were accepted. 


Mrs. Pauline Campbell offered the services of the Fox Valley Camera Club to take pictures of historic interest.  Mr. John Gustafson gave a short talk on “Cycles of Past Industries in Batavia,” mentioning a few salient points on each of the following: The sawmills and flouring mills; The Stone Quarries; The paper mills; The ice industry.


Following the meeting everyone enjoyed the excellent display of pictures, maps, and books.


The Batavia Historical Society gratefully acknowledges two gifts from Mr. P. E. Roscoe of 16 South Van Buren Street. Photograph of the Howell Hotel, located at 20-24 South Van Buren Street, taken about 1870. The hotel was torn down about 1900. Sleigh bells which were brought to Batavia from Nova Scotia in 1857 by Mr. William Roscoe.



Charter membership will be held open until January, 1961.

Annual dues Are $l.00.  Please invite your friends to join.

Alexander, Miss Ethel                                 228 S. Second St., Geneva

Allan, Mrs. Margaret A.                               28 S. Second St. Geneva

Anderson, Miss Mary                                  534 W. Wilson St.

Benson, Miss Cora                                     431 Elm St.

Benson, Mr. Wm. B.                                   431 Elm St.

Campbell, Mrs. Pauline                              328 Union Avenue

Cannon, Mrs. Elaine                                   519 l’18in Street

Derby, Mr. Malcolm R.                                420 S. Batavia Avenue

Evert, Mrs. Walter                                      315 Locust St,

Glidden, Mr. Robert T.                                617 Carlisle Rd

Glidden, Mrs. Robert T.                              345 N. Batavia Avenue

Grigg, Dr. Walter K.                                    R. 1, Box 293

Gustafson, Miss Alice                                  R. 1, Box 293

Gustafson, John A.                                     R. 1, Box 293

Hampton, Mr. Ed                                       R. 2, Box 380, West Chicago

Hazelton, Mr. H. James                              12 S. Van Nortwick

Jervis, Hr. Frank R.                                    29 S. Bennett St., Geneva

Johnson, Mr. Carl W.                                  229 N. Washington St.

Johnson, Mrs. Miriam H.                             229 N. Washington St.

Johnson, Mr. Walter R.                               232 N. Jefferson St.

Jones, Mrs. Horace N., Jr.                           346 Elm St.

Joslyn, Miss Florence                                 116 Columbia St.

Kline, Miss Ida                                          111 Franklin St.

Kruger, Mr. Clare J.                                   125 S. Washington St.

Kruger, Mrs. Clare J.                                  125 S. Washington St.

Lundberg, Mr. J. Elliott                               912 Walnut St.

McDowell, Miss Viola                                  19 S. Van Buren St.

Mier, Mr. August J.                                    739 Cleveland Avenue.

Patzer, Mr. Raymond J.                             237 Republic Rd.

Patzer, Mrs. Raymond J.                            237 Republic Rd.

Perrow, Mrs. Agnes                                    R. 2., Box 380, West Chicago

Peterson, Mrs. Iver M.                               504 Walnut St.

Rendler, Mrs. Arthur W.                             106 N. Van Buren St.

Rowland, Mrs. S. W.                                  504 Walnut. St.

Schielke, Jeffery                                       203 N. Washington St.

Shumway, Miss Eunice K.                           232 S. Batavia Avenue

Simon, Hrs. Oliver B.                                 418 Elm St.

Simpson, Mrs. Bruce J.                              230 N. Jackson St

Snow, Mrs. Barton S.                                 528 S. Batavia Avenue

Smith, Mrs. Frank P.                                  421 Main St.

Stephano, Mrs. Joseph P.                          379 Republic Rd.

Storer, Miss Alice                                      116 Columbia St.

Williams, Mrs. Mary B.                               519 Main St.

Williams, Mrs. G. P.                                  5 S. Jackson St.

Wood, Mrs. Walter H.                                702 Walnut St. 


It is interesting to note that these members range in age from eight years to over eighty.

By-Laws for the batavia historical society


The name of this Society shall be the Batavia Historical Society.


The objective of this Society shall be the discovery, preservation and dissemination of knowledge about the history of Batavia Township, Kane County Illinois. To collect and preserve books, pamphlets, papers, photographs, relica and other historical objects. To receive by gift, grant, bequest, devise or purchase books, museums, moneys, real estate and other property. To encourage the preservation of historical monuments and buildings and to suitabley mark them. To publish historical material in newspapers and in pamphlets and books. To hold meetings with addresses, lectures, papers and general discussions.


Any person may become a member of this Society upon the payment of $1.00 as the first year’s dues. Annual dues of $1.00 must be paid before or on the date of the annual meeting. Life membership or a memorial membership may be acquired by the single payment of $25.00.


The officers of this Society shall consist of a president, vice-president, recording secretary, treasurer, historian and four trustees. These officers shall be elected by voice or written ballot at the annual meeting. They shall serve for one year, except the trustees. The trustees shall serve two years except those elected at the first election. At the first election two shall be elected for one year and two for two years.


It shall be the duty of the president to preside at all meetings of the Society. In the absence of the prtesident the chair shall pass to the other officers in the order previously listed. The secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings and read them at the following meeting for approval. The treasurer shall have charge of all funds of the Society. He or she shall keep a careful and accurate record of the receipts and disbursements for the year and shall make an itemized report at all meetings. The treasurer shall pay out the moneys of the Society only on the presentation of bills approved by the board of directors as attested by the secretary. The historian shall gather together and carefully preserve and file the historical materials of this Society.


All business affairs and property of the Society shall be managed and conducted by a board of Directors. This Board shall consist of the officers plus the trustees. The Board of Directors shall meet four times a year or at the call of one of its members. A quorum of the Board shall be five members. Any cacancy in the membership of the Board of Directors, or any office, shall be filled by the remaining members of the Board until the next election.


The Board shall appoint the following committees: membership, finance, publicity and nominating. These comittees shall consist of 3 or 5 members. The nominating committee shall be appointed at least 20 days before the annual election. The Board may appoint other committees as they become neccessary.


The Society shall meet at least 3 times a year. The time and place to be announced by the Board of Directors. One meeting shall be announced as the annual meeting. At all meetings of the Society a majority of the members present shall constitute a quorum.


This Society shall be enrolled as an annual member of the Illinois State Historical Society.


Roberts Rule of Order (revised) shall be the parliamentary authority at all meetings of the Society. At the regular meeting of the Society the following shall be the order of business:

Call to order

Reading and approval of the minutes of the previous meetings.

Treasurer’s report

Reports of committees

Unfinished business

New business

Program or social time


Amendments to these by-laws may be made at any meeting provided a notice is sent to all members at least 30 days in advance of the meeting. Amendments may be passed by a two-thirds vote of the voting members present.

Volume One No. 2

Batavia, Illinois

March, 1960  

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
George Santayana

NOTE – No, we are not going to issue THE HISTORIAN every month, but we thought you would like to have a record of your officers and committee chairmen.
Here they are:


Vice President




Trustee for Two Years

Trustee for Two Years

Trustee for One Year

Trustee for One Year  

Miss Eunice Shumway

Mrs. Clare Kruger

Mrs. Carl W. Johnson

Raymond Patzer

John A. Gustafson

Malcolm R. Derby

Philip Carlson

Miss Viola McDowell

Carl N. More  

                                                                                   COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN




Historical Research




Mr. Amos Hartman

Mrs. Elaine Cannon

Robert T. Glidden

Mrs. Oliver B. Simon

Miss Alice Storer

Mrs. Walter H. Wood

Mrs. Clare Kruger and

Mrs. Carl W. Johnson


If one of the chairmen calls you for assistance, please be willing to do whatever you can. Every bit will help.

Our society has joined the Illinois State Historical Society, and is now in the process of being incorporated as a non-profit organization.

We had a splendid attendance of over one hundred at our meeting at the First Baptist Church on February 28th.  John Gustafson gave a brief history of our host church.

After the election of officers, John Gustafson was made an honorary life member.

Mrs. Barton Snow gave the history of the Snow house and property. In 1841 the property which consisted of 160 acres was purchased from the government by Mr. J. W. Churchill for $200. In that same year Mr. E. S. Town acquired six acres of the property and built the house between then and 1859 when he sold it to Judge Lockwood.  

In 1871 it was acquired by his daughter, Mary, wife of Mr. William Coffin, and in 1906 purchased by Mr. T. W. Snow from the Coffin estate.
Mr. J. Harold Blair traced the early music organizations, mentioning the Rock City Band; the Swedish Band, the Batavia Concert Band and the Fox Valley Church Society.
On March 9th several members of our society attended the meeting of the Fox Valley Camera Club when Mrs. Betty Hulett of the Chicago Camera Club told of the project Chicagoland in Pictures  and shared some of the pictures which have been taken. We are most grateful to the local club for the interest in carrying that project to this area. Watch for the articles by our historian which will appear in the Batavia Herald from time to time. Be sure to save Sunday afternoon, May 1st, for our next meeting.
A fine program is being planned.

The revolver carried by Mr. Porter in protecting the first bank in Batavia, located on the T. W. Snow property, from Mrs. Mary Williams.
Book “Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Kane County,” from Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Rogers.
Photo of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Levi taken on their Golden Wedding Anniversary from Miss Lillian C. Sweet.
Magazine “Holiday” for March 1950 showing a picture in colors of a Batavia windmill, from Ralph Larson.
Check list of soldiers listed on the Newton Civil War Memorial Monument from Mrs. Fred Nelson.
Following books from Mrs. Frances Moran from the estate of Mr. Albert Snow:
Municipal Code of Batavia, Illinois for 1931.
Kane County Directory, 1924-25.
Evans Rural Directory of Kane County, 1911.
Booklet, “Batavia, its Advantages, Resources and Opportunities.”

Charter membership will be held open until January, 1961.
Annual dues are $1.00.  



Please invite your friends to join.  Life Membership is $25.

Anderson, Mr. J. Edward

Anderson, Mrs. Fern

Anderson, Mrs. Herbert

Andrews, Mrs. Roy C.

Barkdoll, Mrs. Orman

Baker, Miss Mary Amy

Baker, Miss Ednah

Blewett, Mr. Quentin H.

Blewett, Mrs. Quentin H.

Brown, Mrs. M. E.

Buchanan, Mrs. Katherine

Burnham, Mr. Joseph A.

Burnham, Mrs. Joseph A.

Carlson, Mr. Philip B.

Carlson, Mrs. Walter C.

Challman, Miss Ruth

Conde, Mr. Guy H.

Conde, Mr. Neal J.

Conde, Mr. Neal J. Jr.

Cowan, Mr. R. W.

Cowan, Mrs. R. W.

Derby, Mrs. Malcolm R.

Downing, Mr. Hicks Jr.

Downing, Mrs. Hicks Jr.

Elfstrom, Mr. Phillip R.

Elfstrom, Mrs. Phillip R.

Favoright, Mr. T. L.

Favoright, Mrs. T. L.

Goers, Mr. Martin J.

Goers, Mrs. Martin J.

Graham, Mrs. Florence Benson

Hartman, Mr. Amos W.

Hartman, Mrs. Amos W.

Hettinger, Mrs. Elma

Hunter, Mrs. H. T.

James, Mr. Evan D.

James, Mrs. Evan D.

Jeffery, Miss Erma H.

Judd, Mrs. Earl L.  

217 N. Harrison St.

1206 S. Batavia Ave.

R. 2, Box 8502 West Chicago

102 Anderson Blvd., Geneva

590 Julian St., Naperville

Western Ave., Geneva

Western Ave., Geneva

239 E. Wilson St.

239 E. Wilson St.

240 N. Jefferson St.

5620 Dolphin Place, La Jolla Calif.

433 Main St

433 Main St.

710 E. Wilson St.

123 Franklin St.

205 N. Jackson St.

210 N. Washington Ave.

431 N. Prairie St.

27 W. 370 Geneva Rd., West Chicago

226 N. Van Buren St.

226 N. Van Buren St.

420 S. Batavia Ave.

N. Kirk Rd., Geneva

N. Kirk Rd., Geneva

239 N. Batavia Ave.

239 N. Batavia Ave.

610 N. Batavia Ave.

610 N. Batavia Ave.

211 Main St.

211 Main St.

1705 N. Lake St., Aurora

734 E. Wilson St.

734 E. Wilson St.

116 N. Van Buren St.

339 Cerrito Ave., Redwood City, Calif.

R. 1, Main St. Rd.

R. 1, Main St. Rd.

203 N. Washington Ave.

450 Cleveland Ave.

Larson, Miss Marie

Logan, Mrs. Ruth Shaw

Maves, Mr. Harold A.

McDaniels, Mr Ray E.

Moore, Mr. Ralph

Moore, Mrs. Ralph

More, Mr. Carl N.

More, Mrs. Carl N.

Nelson, Mr. J. B.

Nelson, Mrs. Frank W.

Northrup, Miss Ruth

Payne, Mrs. Frank B.

Peckworth, Mr. Howard F.

Peckworth. Mrs. Howard F.

Peterson, Mr. J. Edward

Peterson, Mrs. J. Edward

Saum Mr. J. Herbert

Saum Mrs. J. Herbert

Schielke, Mr. Donald

Schielke, Mrs. Donald

Schomig, Mrs. Michael G.

Stafney, Mr. E. D.

Stafney, Miss Lydia

Stone, Mr. Walter

Swan, Mrs. Dewey

Urch, Mrs. Emma

West, Dr. John C.

Witt, Mrs. Fay

Wood, Mr. Walter H.

Wynn, Mrs. E. W.

Zoda, Mrs. John

524 Morton St.

119 N. Washington Ave.

430 N. Washington Ave.

324 Franklin St.

720 S. Sixth St., St. Charles

720 S. Sixth St., St. Charles

113 N. Batavia Ave.

113 N. Batavia Ave.

353 N. Jefferson St.

242 S. Batavia Ave.

328 Union Ave.

1220 S. Batavia Ave.

114·N. Washington Ave.

114. N Washington Ave.

403 North Ave.

403 North Ave.

304 N. Washington St.

304 N. Washington St.

203 N. Washington Ave.

203 N. Washington Ave.

30 S. Jackson St.

437 Elm St.

437 Elm St.

343 E. York Ave., West Chicago

739 Houston St.

424 N. Prairie St.

429 First St.

727 E. Wilson St.

702 Walnut St.

618 Walnut St.

1004 Woodland Ave.



Dr. J. C. West Reminisces 

Notes on his talk at the Batavia Historical society, May 1, 1960
Dr. West showed us at theis meeting, that, although 84 years old, he remembers as brilliantlyu as one only half that age. He talked without notes for nearly forty-five minutes. All of the audience of 200, who had come to do him honor, heard him without difficulty. Following are a few notes made as he talked.

He graduated from medical college in 1902. At that time there were thirteen such schools in Chicago, only three of which were in the accredited class. The graduates from teh four year course that his license number was only 1376 shows that he was one of the early licentiates. Many doctors in Chicago were poorly educated. He practiced in Chicago at first but because of the poor repute of many of the doctors, didn’t boast of his profession.

About theat time he had a coronary attack and a doctor told him if he didn’t get away from the confining work in Chicago he wouldn’t live to be forty. A doctor friend told him that Batavia needed a physician and to go there. He definitely didn’t want to leave his practice in Chicago but about that time a brother of his was sick in Elgin and his wife went to visit him and afterwards came through to Batavia. He liked the place and before going back to Chicago, he rented a house. That was March 30, 1910.

He moved to Batavia immediately. He fell in love with the countryside, the weather was beautiful, until April 21st, when we had a severe frost that froze everything freezable.

At that time Dr. O. P. McNair had just left. Dr. Augustine was retired. Mr. Fitts was semi-retired. The active doctors were Drs. Anna Spencer, Bothwell and Johnson. One of his first jobs was to call on these physicians to become acqainted with them.

Later he said for a while, there was a recular “epidemic” of new doctors. He mentioned Drs. Howard, Simon, Whitten and others. Dr. Whitten bought the Bothwell house and converted it into a hospital for three or four years. Dr. Mostrom, from Geneva, had helped him and, about the time of WW1, came to Batavia to go into partnership with him. Drs. DuFour and Elliot followed. Dr. Elliot was not successful in his association with Dr. West. Later Drs. Habegger, Baxter, Shirer and Grieg entered partnership with him in the clinic. All of these are here at present except Dr. Habegger, who became a specialist and therefore needed a larger clientele than he had in Batavia.

Dr. West related many of the vast improvements made in medicine since he began his practice. He said that now medicine was not an art, but a science. They had cocaine and antitoxin when he started, but they were afraid to use the later in large enough quantities to do much good.

He said about 1915 diphtheria became prevalent in Batavia. There were 67 cases in Batavia of this disease in one week. He examined all of the school children, found many of them carriers, and sent them home for a week. Now diphtheria is nearly a forgotten illness. Also since the day of antibiotics, pneumonia and appendicitis are controllable, so is sypylis with the drug salversan. In the early days, there wasn’t much diabetes. Although more prevalent now, insulin has come to its rescue.

In the Spanish-American War, Typhoid fever was the big scourge – killing more soldiers than bullets. but there was no typhoid fever in our army in our chase of Villa in Mexico and in WW1, because the soldiers were imunized against it. In all of the time he was in Batavia, he only treated two cases of this fever. The same was true of malaria.

He said he once heard Dr. Osler, a famous physician, say that all of man’s ills could be laid at the doors of four gods or goddesses – Baachus, too much excess, Vulcan, too much work, Venus, too much  women, and Mars, too much war. These four exacted tribute from us.

Obstetrics have made a great advance in his lifetime. He got women to come to him for periodic examinations. In his early days, babies were delivered in the home, now almost always in a hospital. This is entirely to the good.

He concluded his talk with showing the audience a set of surgical instruments used at the time of the Civil War and nowowned by Dr. A. G. Baxter. He rpoved his point, made at the beginning of his talk, that history is a story and that a story follows progress.

Volume One

No. 3

Batavia, Illinois
May 1960  

The very thing that Americans adore abroad they destroy systematically at home.  Old buildings are broken up in the United States as fast as used packing boxes to make way for new ones.  The loss we endure is not merely sentimental.  What we lose is our funded experience. Editorial in ARCHITECTURAL FORUM 


We have a right to be proud of our attendance: of 200 at our last meeting, Sunday, May 1st, in the Bethany Lutheran Church assembly room.  

Everyone enjoyed looking at the elaborate displays arranged by Mrs. Elaine·Cannon and her staff and then listening to a most enjoyable program.

Dr. John C. West spoke on “Fifty Years of Medical Practice in Batavia.”  He told of the many doctors he has known and worked with here and of the developments in curing diseases which he has witnessed during his lifetime.  He displayed a set of surgical instruments used during the Civil War and owned by Dr. A. G. Baxter, and spoke of the progress in surgery. 

A tape recording of his talk was made through the courtesy of Mr. Robert Larson. Mrs. Michael Schomig read a translation of a history of the Bethany Lutheran Church written originally in Swedish by her stepfather, the Rev. Andrew Challman. Mrs. Walter Wood showed some beautiful slides of trees and flowers in Batavia and surrounding area.  She told how many of our grand old trees had been planted by our pioneers and we are forever indebted to them for their thoughtfulness.

Mr. Ralph Moore – Antique baby buggy, used by Eliza McKee FrazierPicture of Dr. Garnsey.
Mr. Don Schielke – Ledger from Kinne & Jeffery of Invoices showing prices of drugs in 1905.
Two Glass Apothecary Jars Mortar and Pestle. Mr. Wayne Westrope – Set of GraduatesApothecary Jars.
Two Medicine Cases.Suppository Mold. Cork Squeezer.
Cigar Cutter. Ice Cream Scoop.
Bleeding Knife.Mr. Bert Johnson – Book of Prescriptions – 1890.
Mr. Ralph Finley – Retort used by Dr. Cox; an early Batavia dentist.Mrs.
Elaine Cannon – A most ingenious apothecary shop done in miniature.A marvel of infinite detail.
Antique baby buggy and $20.00 donat1on – Mr. Ralph Moore.

“Commemorative Biographical and Historical Record of Kane County. (1888) and “Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Kane County, (1904)”  Mrs. E. B. LaSalle.

We thank everyone who helped make our last meeting so successful.  We thank the Bethany Lutheran Church for the use of their assembly room and loud speaker.  We thank the Batavia Herald and the Aurora Beacon News and their reporters for excellent coverage of the meeting. We are happy that one of our members, Mrs. Pauline Campbell, president of the Fox Valley Camera Club, has been honored with the acceptance by the Chicago Historical Society of two of her photographs of Batavia Scenes:  Bellevue Place Sanitarium and the old Manual Training Schedule, now the School for Exceptional Children. These two photographs have been placed in the file of “Chicagoland in Pictures.” A Charter of Incorporation for Non-profit has been granted to us by the State of Illinois. 

Any donations to us now are deductible from your income tax.Before you receive this newsletter Batavia Night at the Aurora Historical Museum will be a thing of the past.  We trust that you attended as the Museum is replete with interesting momentos of bygone days of Aurora and surrounding area” A group of fourth-graders from the Alice Gustafson School and their teacher, Mrs. Rhoda Brooks attended our May meeting.  They are studying history of this area and were most welcome.  They have elected officers for an Historical Club of their own in their building and have an interesting museum display. Mrs. Brooks was at the Board of Director’s meeting at Mrs. Eunice Shumway’s home Wednesday evening, May 11th and explained her views of children participation in local history study.  The Board Members heartily concurred with the following suggestions:  Any individual teacher could form an Historical Club in her classroom, a complete entity in itself, with no affiliations. 

It would derive help and inspiration from the Batavia Historical Society, but would not, be formally integrated as a part of the local organization.  The teacher would be welcome as a member of the Batavia Historical Society, if she would like to join.  Each Historical Club would operate as its individual membership desires, holding meetings, having speakers, programs, etc.  They would also be welcome to attend the Historical Society meetings.  If there is more than one club per school, they may choose to meet together – let that be up to each club to decide. We are planning “An Evening of Reminiscences,” outdoors, on the lawn of the Clare Krugers, some time in August.  Watch the newspapers for the exact date. We now have a membership of 158.  Much of this is due to the energy of Miss Alice Storer, chairman of the Membership Committee.

Charter membership will be held open until January 19610.  Annual dues are $1.00.  
Please invite your friends to join.  Life membership is $25.00. 

Atkinson, Mrs. Stella

Benson, Mr. Arnold P.

Benson, Mr. Emil J.

Benson, Mrs. Emil J.

Blair, Mr. J. Harold

Blair, Mrs. J. Harold

Brown, Mr. Robert V.

Brown, Mrs. Robert V.

Carlson, Mrs. Philip B.

Cooke, Mrs. Dollie M.

Elwood, Mrs. Franklin G.

Elwood, Mrs. Franklin G.

Filip, Mr. Robert

Filip, Mrs. Robert

Finley, Mr. Ralph H.

Finley, Mrs. Ralph H.

Hall, Mrs. James D.

Hoag, Miss Marie

Johnsen, Mr. Donald C.

Johnsen, Mrs. Donald C.

Johnson, Mrs. John B.

Johnson, Mr. Norman E.

Johnson, Mrs. Norman E.

Kells, Mrs. E. L.

Kerfoot, Mrs. G. O.

Kling, Mrs. Einar, Sr.

Larson, Mr. Robert H.

Larson, Mrs. Robert H.

Malme, Mr. E. K.

Malme, Mrs. E. K.

McCune, Mr. C. C.

McCune, Mrs. C. C.

Phelps, Mr. Robert L.

Shumway, Mr. John R.

Stafney, Mrs. E. D.

Storer, Mr. Alvin B.

Strain, Mr. Harry F.

Sweet, Mr. Harold R.

Sweet, Miss Lillian B.

Twomey, Mrs. Ruth E.

Wenberg, Mr. Henry

Woods, Mr. Lloyd W.

Wood, Miss Virginia 

514 First St.

337 N. Washington St.

343 N. Washington St.

343 N. Washington St.

211 N. Prairie St.

211 N. Prairie St.

221 Spring St.

221 Spring St.

710 E. Wilson St.

217 Adams St.

345 N. Jefferson St.

345 N. Jefferson St.

240 N. Batavia Ave.

240 N. Batavia Ave.

421 Batavia Ave.

421 Batavia Ave.

251 N. Batavia Ave.

123 N. Prairie St.

106 S. Jefferson St.

106 S. Jefferson St.

430 State St. 9 S. Batavia Ave.

9 S. Batavia Ave.

1255 Woodland Ave

331 Main St.

422 Houston St.

613 S. Harrison St..

613 S. Harrison. St.

504 S. Fifth Ave. St. Charles

504 S. Fifth Ave. St. Charles

516 Carlisle Rd.

516 Carlisle Rd.

249 N. Harrison St.

26 S. College St.

437 Elm St.

943 Main St., Aurora

811 Tye Rd., Santa Barbara, Calif.

458 Cleveland Ave.

312 Elm St.

528 S. Batavia Ave.

706 S. Harrison St.

112 Parkwood Dr., Vallejo, Calif.

702 Walnut St.  


Volume One

No. 4

Batavia, Illinois
September, 1960

You know the past, the present is but a fleeting moment, and the future is something we can discuss only with anticipation.
Ralph Budd, Former Pres. of the CB&Q RR


Again we have a right to be proud of our Society meeting.  Not only for the attendance of almost 150, filling the basement of the Immanuel Lutheran Church, but also for the program.  
Miss Eunice Shumway, our president, called the meeting to order promptly at 3:00 p.m.  After a short business meeting, Phil Carlson read an excellent paper on the history of the host church.  We are most grateful to this Church for the use of its basement assembly room.
The event of the afternoon was a talk by Miss Erma Jeffery on the “History of the Kinne and Jeffery Co. Department Store”.  With her usual pep and humor, she related a most exciting story of this grand old store. Twenty-four former employees of the store were present and were introduced.  
Later a group picture of them was taken by Mrs. Pauline Campbell.  After the meeting, they were entertained at the home of Miss Erma Jeffery.

In 1874 Isaac B. Kinne founded this store, selling groceries and drugs.  Two years later he rented the present store, then a one story stone building and took his son, Myron M., as a partner.  Later he purchased the store.  In 1880 he invited J. W. Jeffery to become his partner with one-third interest in the business.  When a 5 and 10 cent department was added, it necessitated a second floor.  This department, particularly the candy counter, was an immediate success.  Dry goods, china and glassware were added.  The sale of toys at Christmas time only was the big event of the year. The aroma of roasted coffee, which sold for l2½ cents a pound, was an attraction.  Roasted peanuts were sold on Saturday nights. When a third floor was added, flour and apples were stored there. For a time the store had the agency for the Overland automobile and sold a total of six.

The display arranged by Mrs. Elaine Cannon included many advertising cards used by stores at the time that Kinne and Jeffery store flourished.  News articles of 1903 and 1913 and a small booklet about the store were of special interest. Mrs. Pauline Campbell exhibited unusually interesting photographs of Batavia, two of which have received awards from the Chicago Historical Society.

We are delighted to present our first project towards having John Gustafson’s History of Batavia printed in pamphlet form. John has allowed us to use ten of his ingenious linoleum blocks of historical scenes in Batavia for notes which are in a
beautiful white portfolio. They are being sold, boxed, for $1.75 and may be obtained at the Library and the Batavia Insurance Agency.  We are grateful to John for contributing his artistic work for this project.
The Society is very pleased to announce that the Furnas Electric Company will print the Newsletter from now on.  This is sincerely appreciated by all the members.


Beels, Mr. Roger B

enson, Mr. Ralph C.

Benson, Mrs. Ralph C.

Benson, Mr. Kenneth

Brown, Mrs. Ernest F.

Carlson, Mrs. Lloyd

Chamberlain, Miss Harriet

Clark, Mr. George R.

Corning, Miss Norah

Crozier, Mr. Thomas W.

Ellis, Mr. Charles V.

Elwood, Mr. John F.

Elwood, Mrs. John F.

Frye, Miss Mae

Geiss, Miss Hazel

Griffin, Mrs. Lorne A.

Hoover, Mrs. Arthur B.

Kalina, Mrs. Robert

Kreitzer, Mrs. Irene

Larson, Mrs. Ella Dick

 Larson, Mr. Morris J.

Mitchell, Mrs. Belle D.

Morfee, Mrs. Lily

Newton, Mr. Earl J.

Pennington, Miss Edith

Petit, Mr. William

Rachielles, Mr. William D.

Simon, Dr. Oliver B.

Slogget, Mr. Earl L.

Slogget, Mrs. Earl L.

Standin, Mrs. Alice

519 S. Ninth Ave., St. Charles

207 N. Washington Ave.

207 N. Washington Ave.

207 N; Washington Ave.

321 Conde St., West Chicago

326 N. Prairie St.

19 S. Van Buren St.

152 W. Superior St., Chicago

338 First St.

943 Main St., Aurora

R. 1, Box 397, Batavia

424 N. Batavia Ave.

424 N. Batavia Ave.

Secor, Illinois

363 N. Washington St.

133 N. Batavia Ave.

515 N. Washington Ave.

407 S. Harrison St.

217 Franklin St.

205 State St.

 235 W. Wilson St.

315 Pine St., Maywood

219 Union Ave.

509 N. Batavia Ave.

71 S. Chestnut St., Aurora

659 North Ave.

12 E. Wilson St.

418 Elm St.

212 N. College St.

212 N. College St.

219 Union Ave.


Our next meeting will be held on Sunday, November 6th at the First Methodist Church.  Fred Richter will give a talk on the history of the Batavia Fire Department.  Jeff Schielke, our youngest member, will add some remarks.
We acknowledge receipt of gifts from the following and thank them; Mr. Edwin Parre, Miss Ida Kline, Mrs. James W. Wyllie, Mrs. Belle D. Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Filip, Mrs. Lisle G. Hawks, Mrs. Chris Martin, Miss Ethel Alexander, Mr. J. Edw. Anderson, Mr. Ralph Mead, the Batavia Savings and Building Association and Mr. Quentin Blewitt.


Volume One

No. 5

Batavia, Illinois
November, 1960
Published by

Those who are forgetful of the splendid lessons of the past, withhold their best efforts in the present and view the future only with alarm.

Another record crowd, the attendance was 125, came out to hear an excellent program. This was given in the First Methodist Church basement at 3:00 p.m. Sunday, November 6, 1960. Our president, Miss Eunice Shumway, listed the future events of interest to our members. Then she read a list of the present members of the Batavia Fire Department. Malcolm Derby read a history of our host church. The First Methodist Class was organized in 1836 by a circuit rider in the Van Nortwick home.  In 1852, they erected their first church at the corner of First and Washington Streets, now the School for Exceptional Children. In 1887, the present church was built, a gift of Rev. E. H. Gammon and Captain Don Carlos Newton, his brother-in-law. They are looking forward to celebrating their 125th anniversary next year. Jeffery Schielke, eleven years old and our youngest member, sixth grader in the Louise White School, supplemented the succeeding talk by telling of the fire in the east side school on January 10, 1893 as told to him by his grandmother. The stone in the old walls was used to fill in the gully in State Street between N. River and Washington Avenue. Fred Richter’s talk on the “History of the Batavia Fire Department” was so excellently written up in the Aurora Beacon-News and the Batavia Herald that any discussion of his talk here would be mere repetition. It was well given and well received by the appreciative audience. The discussion was supplemented with a display of old Fire Department momentos.

The display arranged by Mrs. Elaine Cannon, consisted of several photos of old time Fire Department members loaned by Mrs. C. J. Kunches; photos of the present fire fighting equipment, taken by Mrs. Pauline Campbell and some old Sanborn fire maps of Batavia published in 1885.
We will soon have our first bronze plaque placed on a century old house in Batavia. From December 4 to 10, Mann Associates is displaying momentos of early Batavia in their windows. Do you have something to display here? Mrs. Pauline Campbell, one of our members, has done it again.  
A photograph of the Congregational Church has been accepted by the Chicago Historical Society.  It will be placed in the file “Chicagoland in Pictures.” Don’t forget our special project.  Ten different views of Batavia, past and present, on note paper in a substantial portfolio.  They will make dandy Christmas presents.  Price $1. 75.  The proceeds go toward publishing “The History of Batavia” now in manuscript form.

Our next meeting will be February 5, 1961, in the Holy Cross Catholic School Auditorium.  
The subject will be “Among My Treasures.”  
If you have some interesting memorabilia of Batavia that you would like to show and talk about at this meeting, please contact our program chairman, Mrs. Martha Wood. We were on the air, WMRO, last Monday, November 14 at 9:35 a.m.  
Ray Patzer talked about the B.H.S. and the early history of Batavia.  We now have our first life member, Mr. August J. Mier, 739 Cleveland Avenue.


Ellis, Mrs. Charles V.

Name omitted in our fourth list.

Beem, Mrs. Emma

Carlson, Mr. Ellis

Carlson, Mrs. Ellis

Freedlund, Mr. Oliver

Harold, Mr. Carl

Jeanson, Mrs. Lloyd

Jarnecke, Mrs. A. T.

Johnson, Miss Anne L.

Johnson, Mrs. Stanley A.

Johnstone, Mrs. Gilbert

Koehler, Miss Pauline

Lindvall, Miss Marta

Madsen, Mr. Otto

Madsen, Mrs. Otto

Mann, Mr. Forrest

Mann, Mrs. Forrest

Mann, Miss Melinda

Mead, Miss Ora L.

Nelson, Miss Caroline

Peterson, Mr. Harold F.

Richter, Mr. Frederick C.

Richter, Mrs. Frederick C.

Rundle, Mr. George

Rundle, Mrs. George

Schielke, Mrs. Herman

Strickland, Mrs. Elva

Sykora, Miss Emily

Sykora, Miss Josephine

Sykora, Miss Rose

Wood, William J.

R. 1, Box 397, Batavia  


16 S. River St.

424 N. Prairie St.

424 N. Prairie St.

16 N. Jefferson St.

15 S. River St.

823 N. Washington Ave.

521 S. Batavia Ave.

316 McKee St.

729 Houston St.

15 N. Washington Ave.

15 S. River St.

248 N. Washington St.

934 S. 4th St., St. Charles

934 S. 4th St., St. Charles

356 First St.

356 First St.

356 First St.

316 McKee St.

521 S. Batavia Ave.

24 S. Mallory Ave.

113 N. College St.

113 N. College St.

417 S. Water St.

417 S. Water St.

219 Columbia St.

319 N. Washington St.

419 S. Harrison St.

419 S. Harrison St.

419 S. Harrison St.

515 N. Washington Ave.

We now have a total membership of 220.  We have Miss Alice Storer and Miss Viola McDowell to thank for this.  There is still time to get in as a charter member – until January 1, 1961.  Annual dues, $l.00 – Life membership, $25.00 The Board Members wish to thank each one of you for the splendid support and interest which you have shown during this first year.