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Books, Manuscripts, and Articles

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Arbizzani, Dick. From the Pressbox." Geneva Republican, Thursday, 3 October 1963.—List of scores, 1920–1962 (several discrepancies in comparison to the chart in “The Biggest Game of the Season”)

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“Capacity Crowd Sees Batavia Defeat Geneva: Gecohi Lights Nose Out Viking Ponies in Whirlwind Finish 20–19.” Geneva Republican Friday, 10 February 1933, p. 6. Reference to Batavia Vikings: “Geneva heavyweights lost their seventh straight conference game last Friday night to Batavia before a capacity crowd after the lightweights had nosed out the Viking Ponies by one point [in] a whirlwind finish. | The heavyweight game following the usual custom in Geneva–Batavia battles was exceedingly rough.”

Geneva, Illinois: A History of Its Times and Places. Edited by Julia M. Ehresmann. Geneva, Ill.: Geneva Public Library District, 1977.—Note: This edition was not indexed; however, an index was added to the “Sesquicentennial Commemorative Edition” (Geneva, Ill.: Geneva Sesquicentennial Commission, 1985).

“Geneva H. S. Took Fourth Place in Holiday Tourney.” Geneva Republican, Friday, 6 January 1933, p. 1.

Reference to Batavia Vikings: “… Thursday afternoon Geneva made it two in a row by taking her old rival Batavia into camp with a great second half rally. Batavia started swiftly and by the end of the half the Vikings were leading by a 15–6 score. … ‘Nels’ Kluberg who won the individual scoring honors in the tournament led the Blue and White attack with twelve points.”

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———.“Batavia vs. Geneva.” Daily Herald: Tri-Cities & Kaneland, Friday, 23 September 2005, Section 4, p. 1.—List of scores (several discrepancies)

Little Seven Conference. “Day Book” [Financial Records], Spring 1922–Fall 1958 and Fall 1965–Spring 1966. [Location: Sycamore High School, Athletic Archives]—Note: The first leaf (pp. 1–2), covering most of the 1921–1922 school year, is missing.

———. Handbook for 1960–1961. [Location: Geneva History Center, Archives, Box 179.1]

———. Minutes, 30 November 1942–9 September 1958. [Location: Sycamore High School, Athletic Archives]

———. Minutes, 9 September 1958. [Location: Geneva History Center, Archives Box 179.1]

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Nelson, Arthur S. “The 1927 Geneva High School Football Team” [reminiscence]. Geneva: n.d. Nelson was president of The State Bank of Geneva. (Location: Geneva History Center, Archives.)

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———. West Suburban Leagues. Working paper, n.d.

Sarkauskas, Susan. “Batavia High to get fake-turf field” [online version].(Daily Herald, Wednesday, 27 January 2016).

———. “Ready to Play” Batavia High’s first football game on new turf is Sept. 16.” Daily Herald: Fox Valley, Friday, 2 September 2016, Section 1, p. 3. Alternate Title (online version): “Batavia High ready to play on new field.”  (Thursday, 1 September 2016).

Schory, Brenda. “Coultrap demolition begins: ‘I have to accept that.’” Kane County Chronicle, Tuesday, 4 June 2013, p. 2. Alternate Title (online version): “‘The building can’t continue to stand’: Coultrap demolition begins in Geneva.”  (Tuesday, 4 June 2013).

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The Batavia Spectator, Senior Issue [Batavia High School newspaper], 1928–1933, 1936–1937.—Note: The “Senior Issue” of the school newspaper served as a de facto yearbook. Issues probably were published for other years.

Bee Aitch Ess [Batavia High School yearbook], 1912–1917.—No yearbook was published in Batavia, 1918–1944; see also The Batavia Spectator, Senior Issue

[The] Echo [Batavia High School yearbook], 1945—

Gecohi [Geneva Community High School yearbook], 1921–1925; 1940–1947.—No yearbook was published in Geneva, 1926–1939; see also GeCoHi Life, Senior Issue

GeCoHi Life, Senior Issue [Geneva Community High School newspaper], 1926–1939.—Note: The “Senior Issue” of the school newspaper served as a de facto yearbook.

[The] Viking [Geneva Community High School yearbook], 1948—



Note: Other newspapers, including but not limited to the Daily Herald, Batavia Republican, and Batavia Sun, were consulted as needed. Particular articles are cited in “Books, Manuscripts, and Articles” (above).

Aurora Beacon-News [succeeded Aurora Daily Beacon] [title varies]

Aurora Daily Beacon [acquired Aurora News] [continued by Aurora Beacon-News]

Batavia Chronicle, 7 July 1976–2 March 1990 [succeeded Batavia Herald] [continued by Kane County Chronicle]

Batavia Community and Home Bulletin, 1916 [succeeded Batavia School and Home Bulletin]

Batavia Herald, 23 February 1893–30 June 1976 [other titles include The Herald and The Kane County Herald, the latter of which may have been a separate edition of The Herald] [continued by Batavia Chronicle]

Batavia School and Home Bulletin, 1910–1913 [continued by Batavia Community and Home Bulletin]

The Batavia Spectator, [Batavia High School], 1926— [title varies]

GeCoHi Life [Geneva Community High School], 5 Nov 1925–ca. 1970s [continued by Insight-Out]

      Geneva Chronicle, 13 June 1973–1990 [continued by Kane County Chronicle]

Geneva Republican (also known as Twice-a-Week Republican for a time)

The Genevette [Junior Class, Geneva Community High School], 1924

Insight-Out [Geneva Community High School], ca. 1970s–mid-1990s [succeeded GeCoHi Life] [continued by Viking View]

Kane County Chronicle, 2 March 1990— [succeeded Batavia Chronicle, Elburn Chronicle, Geneva Chronicle, and St. Charles Chronicle]

The Moonet [Geneva Community High School], 1894–1895

The Spectator [Geneva Community High School], 1914

Viking View [Geneva Community High School], mid-1990s— [succeeded Insight-Out]


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