Volume Twenty-Seven

No. 4



November 1986


Society Christmas Party


Dec. 7, 5:45 P.M.

Potluck Supper.

Bring a DishTo pass. 

Society will serve meat and coffee. 

Please bring gift of canned goods for the Food Pantry.

Where? Bethany Lutheran Church


Coming up very soon:


During our Sesquicentennial year, Roberta Campbell published an article in the Chronicle each week on historic places, buildings, and events in Batavia from 1833 to 1983. Each article, accompanied by pictures, was very special and well written. Phil Elfstrom felt that they were too valuable to perhaps be lost or destroyed.  He, with the help of Roberta and the Chronicle, has published these articles in a booklet entitled “Batavia 1833-1983” by Roberta Campbell. 


This booklet will sell for $5.00.  The Historical Society will be in charge of the book sale and benefit from the profits.


There will be a promotion and autograph signing party at the Civic Center on Friday, November 21st, from, 4:00 to 7:00 P.M. Refreshments will be served by the Society.


The board has approved two homes for historic plaqueing: Gammon Corner, built in 1886, now owned by Joe Marconi, and 316 Locust Street, built in 1865, now owned by Scott and Susan Lencioni. Ed LaMorte is chairman of this committee and will take care of details in having these homes plaqued.



Between 200 to 250 people attended the promotion of the book, "The Insanity File. The Case of Mary Todd Lincoln” at the Congregational Church Sunday, October 12. Mark E. Neely, Jr., co-author, was present to speak and autograph the books purchased. Although inclement weather prevented holding this event at Bellevue, a bronze plaque made by Harold and Bob Peterson of the Batavia Foundry & Machine Company was presented as a gift from the Historical Society and will be placed at Bellevue to mark the historic location where Mrs. Lincoln received treatment. We wish to thank the committee for their efforts, Dick Ward for his generosity in allowing the plaque to be placed on Bellevue property, Harold and Bob Peterson for completing the plaque in time for the program October 12th, and all who in any way made this such a successful event.


On October 10, Museum volunteers were treated to a bus trip to the Spoon River area, visiting the Indian mounds museum at Lewistown. Our thanks to Carla Hill and the Park District. Without Museum volunteers, there would be no Museum to keep Batavia's history alive. Thanks to all of you!


Our thanks to Mary Helen Barkei Marler for a picture of Batavia High School’s graduating class of 1909. We appreciated that Mary Helen and her husband, who now live in New Orleans, took time, on a visit to Batavia, to come to our picnic.


Don’t miss our December 7th Christmas party and potluck supper. George Von Hoff’s Sunday School class will present a Christmas program. Elwood Willey will lead us in a carol sing, accompanied by Miriam Johnson.


Clifford and Helen Anderson, presidents.


- P.S. from Carla Hill:


The Museum will be decorated for Christmas by November 22.

We hope to have the Christopher Payne exhibit ready for March 1 opening. 


The Museum will be closed from Dec. 14 to March 1, for Holiday vacation, cleaning, etc.

REMINDER - 1986 dues are due.



Single: $3
Tandem: $5
Sustaining: $10

Life: $50