Volume Twenty-Six

No. 2




To be held:


DATE:            SUNDAY, JUNE 23, 1985

TIME:            2:00 TO 4: 00 PM




An interesting meeting is planned regarding plaqued homes in Batavia. Several speakers will give short histories of these homes and tell us what interior and exterior changes have been made.  Refreshments will be served at the end of the meeting.




The Silver Anniversary meeting of the Batavia Historical Society, held at the Alice Gustafson School on April 14, was very well attended.  


Charles and Bernice Kline, in charge of the meeting, introduced the following speakers:


Jeff Schielke, who talked of the Society's early days and its accomplishments;

Dave Sawitoski, Harold Patterson, Georgene Kauth, Carla Hill, and Lucile Gustafson.  

Pictures of moving of the depot from its original spot on Webster Street at the Burlington tracks to its present location were on display.  Commemorative booklets were given to all who attended.  

Thanks to all who assisted in making this a successful meeting.



At a recent meeting of the Board, the moving of the Coffin Bank was discussed at some length. A committee is being formed and work on this project will be continued. A $500 donation from the Furnas Foundation has been received for this purpose and will spearhead our drive for additional contributions to underwrite the moving project. The site will be by the Park District and Batavia Historical Society.


It was decided to again have a table for promoting the Society at the Windmill City Festival Days, July 26, 27, and 28. Volunteers will be solicited at the June meeting to take care of the table Friday and Saturday, the 26th and 27th. We are fortunate in getting a spot near McDonalds again.


Will anyone who has knowledge of the whereabouts of any old minutes of the Batavia Historical Society (our files are not complete) please notify the Society officers.



Please notify any officer of a change in your address so that our mailing list can be kept up to date and you will continue receiving copies of our newsletters.




Ruth Foland - Scrapbook containing pictures of Mooseheart.

Minutes of mid-winter conclave held at Moosehaven, Orange Park, Florida, under auspices of Mooseheart Legion of the World, Feb. 25-29, 1924.


Lucile Gustafson – N. P. Gustafson farm diary, 1882-1887.

John Gustafson notebook - subject: Schools.


Marilyn Phelps - Numerous old greeting and postcards.

Bulletin regarding close of Local Exemption Board - 1919. United Methodist


Church Women - One dress form (suggested by Jane Elwood).


Alma Carey - Persian Lamb Muff, 1923 vintage.


Esther McClurg - Gavel and block used by J. S. McClurg when he was Mayor of Batavia.  

Gavel inscribed “From J. G. Quijaro, Philippines, 1947."  

Other miscellaneous items in re J. S. McClurg's term as Mayor of Batavia.


William Wood - 40 photos of various scenes of Mooseheart.


Dolores Carlson - World War I army uniform, belonging to Philip B Carlson, and pictures.
Batavia H.S. catalog, 1915-16.
Batavia High School Annual, 1913.
Fire Prevention Award Photo (1962)
Framed Photo of Challenge Company Factory Workers - 1883.




Special displays coming soon. In July there will be a Morse Telegraph Exhibit and Demonstration for one week. Watch the local papers for the date. Also, there will be an interesting railroad exhibit lasting from July to the end of August. Plan on visiting the Depot Museum to see these special exhibits which Carla has arranged.




To the Park District for their courteous cooperation; to Carla for the interesting new displays; and to all the volunteers who devote their time to the operation of our museum.


REMINDER - 1985 dues are due.


Single: $3
Tandem: $5
Sustaining: $10
Life: $50



TIMES PAST (From old copies of the Batavia Herald)


April 1893 -    

"Dr. Augustine had to take his own medicine Monday.  He was gripped."


Revere House, J. Elsworthy, proprietor.  

First Class Hotel.  Rates $1.50 per day.  Batavia Ave, Batavia.


A good nine room house for rent on First Street.

$15.00 month.  Apply to Mrs. Abel.


For Rent: Cottage on Prairie Street, $8.00 per month.  

Enquire H B Bartholomew


From B Ries & Co -


Prints, fast color         5¢ yd


Sheeting                   5¢ yd


Muslin                      7¢ yd


Hose                        10¢ per


Table Linen               40¢ yard


White Goods             10¢ yard


Boys Shirts                50¢


Men's White Shirts     75¢


Boys Knee Pants        50¢


Flannel Shirts            40¢




Nov 1893 - "If the gentleman (?) who so kindly relieved -me of my silk umbrella last Sunday morning, at church, will send me his name, I will be pleased to send him the silk case for same." - Walter Newton


Jan 1894 - "Public School of the East Side" (now Louise White) was dedicated on New Year's Day 1894 - rep lacing the old stone school house that burnt in January 10, 1893. It is called East Batavia’s New Year’s Gift - a modern and substantial school building. The bright and conservative Board brought the actual cost down to $15,945.00. The seating capacity of the new building is about 500. The mammoth stone walls are 20-22 inches thick and are placed there to stay."


Apr 1894 - "Eat Bread. One and a half pound loaf of Hendrickson & Litgin's Home Hade Bread for five cents, anywhere in the city."


June 1894 - "Men’s all wool, light colored suits. Single and double breasted at $7.75.  Not one suit in the lot worth less than $10 and up to $12.50.  Do you need a suit?  Then don't delay. - Louis Silverman, Thomle Block, East end of Bridge - Batavia."


Apr 1916

“Batavia Garage Co, 6-8 N. River St, Batavia.

Studebaker Four, 7 passenger  $ 875.00

Studebaker Six, 7 passenger  $1085.00

Maxwell Four, 5 passenger  $ 655.00 With Goodyear Tires & Accessories


May 1916 - For a few days only, Thursday, Friday & Saturday, The Seymour Tailoring Co of Chicago will offer Great Bargains in Made to Measure, highly tailored $6, $7, & $8 skirts, all wool, for the low price of $3.75.  Also Men's tailored trousers $3.75. At the parlors of Hotel Batavia, South Batavia Avenue. No cash required.


TIMES PAST  - (From old copies of the Batavia Herald)


Mar 1935 -     

“Chicago, Aurora, Elgin R R offered a Special round trip from Batavia to Chicago, for only $l.35” May 1935 – “A & P Specials:


Eight O'Clock Coffee -               3 lb Bag -                        4.5¢

Sunnyfield Family Flour  -          24- lb Bag -                      81¢

Nutley Oleo Margarine  -            2 - 1 lb Pkgs -                  2.5¢

Silverbrook Butter Bisquick  -     1 lb 40 oz Pkg -                 29¢

Campbells Tomato Soup -         3 - 10½ oz Cans -             30¢

Pork & Beans (Ann Page)  -       4 - 16 oz Cans -                22¢

Ivory Soap Flakes -                  Pkg 3 cakes -                    19¢

Palmolive Soap  -                     4 cakes -                          21¢

Camay Soap  -                        2 lb Pkg-                           13¢

Excel Soda Crackers -               1.5 lbs.-                            17¢

Maine Potatoes -                      1 lb  -                              19¢

Bananas  -                              Dozen-                               5¢

Oranges,  Extra Large-              Dozen -                            39¢



May 1935 -


Main Garage - On the Avenue

New Standard Chevrolet $465.00 With Bumpers,

---- spare tire and tire lock $ 20.00 additional


June 1935 -


There were 85 graduates from the Batavia High School. All programs were held in the high school auditorium. Charles Johnson was the president of the graduating class.  


The topic of Commencement addresses was, "Methods of Freedom." Helen Brenner delivered the Salutatory address and Lydia Jeanne Staffney the Valedictory address. Dr. G. O. Kerfoot, president of the Board of Education, presented the diplomas.  


Other addresses were given by Joseph Morton, Doris Hassler, Adeline Arns, Donald Norris, Raymond Anderson, Violet Ward, Wendell Pitz, Carl Anderson and Jean McNair. Music was provided by the High School Orchestra and the Cecilian Chorus. A violin solo was presented by Robert Glines, and vocal solos by Grace Livermore and Ralph Dixon.