Volume Three

No. 2


Batavia, Illinois 

April, 1962

Published by the Batavia Historical Society


“The most substantial glory of a country is in its virtuous great men. Its prosperity will depend on its docility to learn from their example. That nation is fated to ignominy and servitude for which such men have lived in vain.-

Wm. Coffin in “Life and Times of Hon. S. D. Lockwood”



SUNDAY, APRIL 8th, 1962 at 3:00 P.M.





By Miss Alice Gustafson



By Mrs. Carl W, Johnson


Presentation of a portrait of Capt. and Mrs. D. C. Newton to the Library. By Mr. Carl N. More Refreshments will be served by the Library Board and Staff.


Books will be on sale at the Library (25 cents each).  These are donations by Batavians. The proceeds will go to the fund for publishing our History of Batavia.  Sales will be in charge of Miriam Johnson. We have received two bids on printing our history.  In each case the price per thousand is so much cheaper in proportion to the five hundred price that the former number is what we are aiming for.  


Trouble is we have so little in the “kitty” that your Board thinks it wise to wait until we have a bigger balance to pay down for the books.  In the meantime we will appreciate donations to this fund, Bill Benson is accepting contributions. To date, March 16, we have received donations from Miss Alice Storer, Mrs. Florence Joslyn, Dr. Walter K. Grigg and the Furnas Electric Company.  


Our thanks to these people. Gifts to the Society since our last reporting have come from Mrs. Belle D. Mitchell, Mrs. Raymond Palm, Mr. Robert Waugh through Mr. Paul Hassler, Mr. and Mrs. Arvid Peterson, and Mrs. John Carlson of St. Charles.




The following chairmen have been appointed for 1962:

Clare J. Kruger Frederick Richter Mrs. Clare J. Kruger Program Committee Publicity Committee Cabinet Display Committee
We are looking forward to an interesting year and hope that the friends of the Society will become members.

Mrs. Arnold P. Benson

Miss Marilyn Derby

Mr. Harold J. Hall, Jr.

Mr. Bruce G. Paddock

Mr. Bert L. Johnson

Mr. Arvid H. Peterson

Mrs. Arvid H. Peterson

Mrs. Edw. J. Reichert

Mr. C. Erik Ridderstedt


337 N. Washington St.

420 S. Batavia Ave.

818 N. Washington Ave.

730 McKee St.

Maple Lane

22 N. Harrison St.

22 N. Harrison St.

506 Shabbona Trail

1112 S. Batavia Ave.










1962 dues are now due.  Did you pay your 1961 dues?  If you didn’t, see Bob Phelps, our Treasurer.  Our dues are only $1.00 a year, but we need every cent.  Where can you get more for your money? We are sorry to lose Mrs. Earle Brooks, who has been a great help to the Society.  As you know she and her husband have joined the Peace Corps; their field will be Ecuador, South America.  In May of 1960 your Historian and his sister were invited to visit Mrs. Brooks’ Fourth Grades to see the historical museum that they had set up.  It was excellent as was their knowledge of Batavia history.  


The Society wishes Mr. and Mrs. Brooks every success in this worthwhile venture. We are grateful for informative letters about Batavia and Batavia people from Bill Davis, Mrs. H. N. Jones, Mrs. Ruth Shaw Logan, Mrs. Chas. V. Ellis and Mrs. Margaret McGee of Oberlin, Ohio. We have recently received letters from Ralph Finley and Harry Strain, both former Batavia residents and both now living in Santa Barbara, California and both enjoying each other’s company. Ralph moved out last summer and is now becoming settled in his newly purchased home making furniture and planting trees.  Harry Strain moved out west a good many years ago.  Last summer he made a four month’s trip around the world by British steamers.  He still misses the sights and sounds of Batavia.




Closing out our portfolios of ten views of Batavia on note paper in a beautiful cover, $1.00.  Send them to your friends and relatives. Many of you we are sure don't know the many ramifications of the functions of the Batavia Historical Society.  In the past few weeks, here are a few of the services that the Society has been requested to perform. We aided Duane Wagner, a High School student under the tutelage of Mrs. Raymond Palm, write a story for the magazine “Illinois History” on “The Working Fox River” We helped Eddie Williams in obtaining his Boy Scout Merit Badge in Local History by telling him a little about Batavia history and people. We aided John Kula with some local photographs, Mrs. Marjorie Holbrook with information about Miss Myrtle and Mr. Harry Bartholomew and Mr. Erik Ridderstedt with the names of Batavia people born in Sweden.  A friend of his wants to record their voices. Two Batavians have borrowed two of our volumes of Batavia clippings, one wanted to read up about the Garson industries here, the other wanted some church information.