Volume Twenty-Five

No. 2


Summer, 1984



DATE:            SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 1984

TIME:            2:00 - 4:00 PM



Mr. R. W. Hansen, President and Chairman of the Board at· Furnas Electric, has given us the opportunity to meet in the new Gilbert Hansen employee center.  


The entrance to the Parking lot will be accessible from McKee Street only.  


The gates will close at 2:15 PM - so be on time or early. Try not to be late!




A film will be shown, a history of Furnas Company will be given, and products will be displayed.


Refreshments will be served by the newly elected officers.





The outstanding Sesquicentennial Quilt, given to the Batavia Historical Society by the Tau Alpha Guild of the First Baptist Church on December 12, is now on display.  


It was presented at the Christmas Meeting of the Tau Alphas to Penny Tracey, then President of the Batavia Historical Society.  


The quilt is made up of individual embroidered blocks, depicting the history of Batavia from 1833 to 1983. A display cabinet of birds native to this area - from the Alice Gustafson School (originally at the Blaine Street School) has been given to us.  


It includes an extinct carrier pigeon. It formerly was the property of Dr Hubbard, a physician in Batavia. Dr Hubbard obtained the cabinet from a patient in payment of services. This will be refurbished and displayed in the Museum as soon as possible.




The pictures in the free standing display rack have been changed and now include interesting photographs of the moving of the depot building from its original location to the present location, as well as the dedication of the building, the Newton Monument, newspaper articles of the 100th birthday and 150th birthday of Batavia.  


Also, the windmill companies, Newton Wagon Company, Newton family, and area architecture.


The electric lighting has now been installed in the Elaine Cannon miniatures cabinet and adds greatly to the viewing of these interesting artistic displays.




The Board of Directors met Thursday, May 3, at the home of the President - Charles and Bernice Kline.  Another meeting was held Tuesday, June 5, at the Museum - also attended by Carla Hill, Curator.  


Lengthy discussions were held.  Carla informed the group that the caboose was newly painted and displays hung, and would now be open for Sunday viewing when hosts are on duty.  



Did you know this about our caboose? The caboose was built by the CB&Q at their Aurora car shops in May, 1907, at a total cost of $1,151.37. It was of all wood construction with a truss rod under frame.CB&Q Caboose 14662 served as a main line and local caboose until 1970 when it was assigned yard duty in the Chicago - Eola area. This caboose was last used at Eola in November, 1973, when it was written up for retirement at Eola repair track. 


It was officially retired and removed from BN records on January 25, 1975, at which time it was donated to the Batavia. Ted Schuster was able to acquire the caboose as a gift to the Museum. The car was moved to its present location by the Iseinghausen Derailment Service, who donated men and equipment to transfer the car from the Northwestern track to the track on which it now rests. During the 67 years this caboose was in operation, it underwent many modifications and improvements.


A list of significant items of modification and improvement, etc, is shown in literature in the caboose - as well as dimensional drawings and interior diagrams. Note this caboose was never renumbered to a BN number following merger of the Chicago Burlington & Quincy, Great Northern, Northern, and Pacific Coast Railroads in 1970.




 Special thanks to Shirley Hoover for mending, washing and ironing all the linen in the Mrs. Lincoln Room at the Museum.  It really looks nice - and we appreciate her efforts. Also, special thanks to the hosts and hostesses who regularly come to greet and talk with our visitors.




The remaining Sesquicentennial cookbooks and mugs in our possession (great gifts for friends or for yourself) will be available at the museum.  Better hurry!




are extended to the families of: John Gustafson, our beloved Historian and co-founder of the Batavia Historical Society, who has done so much for all of Batavia in recording and preserving our city's history. Vic Anderson, a well-known member of our community who was involved in many civic and church activities, and was an early member of our Society.


Joanne Kane, another early active member of the Historical Society and prominent in First Baptist Church and Mooseheart activities. Catherine Schielke, mother of Jeff, an active member of the Historical Society and former President, now Mayor of our city.



September 16:            

Potluck picnic at Fabyan’s cabin down the hill from the Windmill.  From 12:00 Noon on.  A letter will be sent prior to this meeting as to the rundown of the food category.


December 2:               

Christmas meeting at Bethany Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall, from 4: 00 PM on.  Another is a planned potluck dinner - and a special program of music will be presented.Mark these dates on your calendar now - and plan ahead for them.  We hope for a large turnout for all our meetings.  They are only successful if fully supported.  Show your support for our new officers and the Society.

REMINDER - 1984 dues are due.



Single:             $3
Tandem:          $5
Sustaining:       $10
Life:                $50