Volume Twenty-Five

No. 1


Winter, 1984



Announcing the first general meeting of the year


DATE:            Sunday, March 4, 1984

TIME:            3:00 - 5:00 p.m.

PLACE:          The Holmstad (entrance off Fabyan Parkway)


PROGRAM: Batavia Park District Up-date Three lovely ladies (Betsy Dobbs, Director; Carla Hill, Museum Curator; and Diane Dillow) will talk to us on the past accomplishments and future plans of the Batavia Park District.  


Special topics to be covered include the spring grand opening-of the Bike Path, the V.I.P. program, and the new displays planned for the Depot Museum.


Refreshments will be served following the program. You will also have an opportunity to pay your Batavia Historical Society dues for 1984.  


Hooray! Hooray! Before our program on Sunday begins, we will have an election of officers - - the current board of directors is pleased to present the following slate:




Secretary (recording):



Charles and Bernice Kline

Ray and Helen Anderson

May Lundberg

Elliot Lundberg

Robert Cox

Ray Patzer










We thank these members for their willingness to serve the Society and ask you to support them in whatever way you can. In addition to the new officers, Georgene Kauth has volunteered to be the corresponding secretary for the Society; Ed LaMorte will remain as chairman of the Plaquing Committee; and Lucile Gustafson and Jeffery Schielke will continue as historians.




Jean Conde, chairman of Museum Volunteers, has submitted her resignation effective January, 1984. 


In her letter, she writes “Sometime in 1976 Lucile needed help getting out the monthly calendar.  I volunteered!  So it went.  Honestly, it has been a rewarding experience working with so many dedicated, interested men and women – many of them workers from the start, 1975 . . . Backing me up in the job has been Georgene and Walt Kauth . . . I love them all.” 


Jean's service and support of the Historical Society is an inspiration to all who work with her, and her devotion to her task is greatly appreciated . . . She adds a postscript to her letter – she wishes to remain a volunteer.




Another house in Batavia has received a historical plaque. The proud owners are:           


Mr. and Mrs. Safanda 226 North Van Buren The house dates from 1871. 


For those of you who remember, the first owners were Buell M. Kenyon & wife, followed by Edwin Meredith, Mattie Harnish and descendents Timothy J. Collins and Karl Collins.  


More recent residents were Charles Workman, Robert Cowan, and Ron and Nancy Hollmeier.














Pardon the brevity of this newsletter.  Your new officers will have new ideas and lots in store for you in future issues. Hope to see you all Sunday, March 4!