Volume Seventeen

No. 4


Batavia, IL, P. O. Box 15


Regular Open Meeting




A Christmas Dinner Party


Time: Sunday, December 5, 1976 at 3:30 P.M. (note change in time).


Place: Holy Cross Hall.




3:30 P.M.             Business Meeting
4:00 P.M. Program: Musical selections, Batavia Woman's Club ChorusDirector: Rev. James P. Jordan Accompanist: Mrs. Carl (Miriam) Johnson (This-is a real treat; they are very good!)
3. 4:30 P.M 
Cocktail Hour . . . drink punch and tell tall tales.
 4. 5:00 P.M.

Roast Beef Dinner served by Catholic Daughters (This is absolutely the first time that Batavia Historical Society will have enjoyed such an event. And enjoy it we will, since it will be prepared by Catholic Daughters of the Holy Cross Church).


Price: $3.00, except for charter members, who will be guests. Reservations must be made before November 30, 1976. Call one of these: Freda Lundberg, 879-3594   Linda Hinds, 879-7670 Georgene Kauth, 879-5290  Eldora Hoover, 879-1933.

 Note: Charter members call Eunice Shumway, 879-7059.


Decorations: Another innovation.  Each guest is invited to bring any color candle in a candle-holder of his choice . . . pewter, wooden, glass, valuable or inexpensive.  Maybe Grandpa's tin holder?? Whatever, each candle will be beautiful in juxtaposition with others at that table.


Mark your calendar . . . make your reservation right now.


Memorial Gifts in 1976


Generous families and friends have contributed toward memorials for the following persons:


Elmer Peterson  
Robert Kane 
Mary Ann Judd 
Forbes Bryant 
Rev. Gilbert Johnstone
Alice Wood 
  Maurice and Mary Marcuson.  


Please write a note to Lucile Gustafson, P.O. Box 15 or telephone 879-1212 if there is an error in this list.  In most cases money will be used for the landscaping project.


Museum News


I should like to be able to report that the museum is going full speed ahead, but I cannot.  We are having increased attendance. Instead of less than ten appearing even on Sundays, we have from 25 to 50 writing their names in the register. The interesting thing about it is that at least half of the guests are out-of-towners who are either following signs, coming on the recommendations of friends who have visited the museum, or are with Batavia hosts. Evanston and Glen Ellyn seem to send most visitors.

Our difficulty is that we lack a curator to take care of the mass of accumulated materials which have long awaited accession, to advise us about preservation of materials, to arrange exhibits, to prepare research materials, to organize activities and do all the many tasks that are characteristic of a good museum.


As you may have read in the papers, the newly hired curator quit the day he was to start work. Carla Hill will be assisting the three weekday afternoons that the museum is open. God bless her. She is imaginative and responsible.


This is a brief news letter, but we shall have a good visit over “vittles” December 5. New members are especially urged to use this opportunity to get a better "feel" of our town. No doubt some members will attend Advent service in their churches before coming to dinner at 5:00 P.M.; this is early enough to allow attendants·to hear the Messiah at 7:30 P.M.


Our appreciation goes to Georgene and Walter Kauth who made all the arrangements and procured all needed assistants, mainly within the church.


Happy Thanksgiving to you!




P.S. The museum will be closed December 5 unless some couple will volunteer to host/hostess for the afternoon before the dinner.  Call 879-1212 to volunteer.