Volume Seventeen

No. 2



Batavia, IL., P. O. Box 15

April 4, 1976

Regular: Open Meeting

Time: Sunday, April 4, 1976 - 3:00 P.M.

Place: Congregational Church of Batavia






I. "A Fragile Mix of Architectural Types". . . Guy Prisco


Mr. Prisco of Duffy-Prisco architectural firm brings a fresh appreciation of our local structures that tend to have become commonplace to us but, in reality, are quite unique.  He will illustrate his remarks with colored slides taken by Mrs. Pauline Campbell and Mr. Frank Elwood.  


Coffee Hour 


II.  "Assuring a Viable Future" . . . City Council


The purpose of the presentation is to inform the citizens of Batavia of the impending vote on a bond issue with its five facets that aim to further the development of Batavia and its resources.


The projection of slides and a tape narrated by Leigh and Penny Tracy assure a lively and pertinent program.  Council members will be present to answer questions.  


More About Historic Structures


Another phase of the Batavia Township Historical Society's inventory of local landmark structures is now completed. Bill Hamilton has taken beautiful photographs of twenty such buildings that are now on display at the Batavia Public Library.  


These will be placed in an album with an historic and architectural description of each. Another album will be placed in the Batavia Depot Museum. A third enlargement with the negative and application form is being sent to Springfield. This has to do with an inventory and has no legal pressure behind it. However, they may recommend listing with the National Register of Historic Places Inventory.  


In that case, the last enlargement will go there. Two applications have already been entered, one by the Park Board for the Depot Museum and the other by Fox Hill in order to apply for a grant. This may require agreement not to change exterior appearance. There is no such regulation with the state recognition. But the initiative for national listing will initiate with the owner, not with the Batavia Historical Society.  


So far the only local building listed nationally is the Krueger home.


'The structures named on the following page have been listed: 


1.  Coffin-Snow Place

2.  Thomle-Phipps Store

3.  McKee-Hall House

4.  Moore-Stacy Nelson Home

5.  D. C. Newton - Library

6.  F. L. Wright - Snow House

7.  Judge Lockwood-Gosselin Home

8.  Halladay-Wertz Home

9.  Bellevue-Fox Hill

10. United Methodist Church  

11. S. K. Wolcott-Allen Home

12. Methodist Church-McWayne Annex

13. Patterson-Jaeger Home

14. Conde Home (210 Washington Avenue)

15. Alenson House House - Buri Home

16. Burr-Seaman Home

17. Catholic Church

18. CB&Q Station - Depot Museum

19. Congregational Church

20. Newton Wagon - Batavia Body.  



We have already started to process another twenty buildings.  Please send your nominations for such listings to the Batavia Historical Society, P. O. Box 15, by April 6.  Let us know, too, if you wish a copy of any of the photographs at $3.00 each.  All this may be one of Batavia's major Bicentennial projects.



The Many Faces of Batavia in 1976


Another album -- from buildings to people. Is a picture really worth a ·thousand words?  We own an album of photographs of men (no women, note!) taken in 1909 by Tracy Holbrook. They are invaluable social history. Mrs. Sally Bast, the new librarian, Mrs. Ann Alexander, museum curator, and Mrs. Yvonne Autenreith of the Batavia Historical Society are compiling guidelines for another 1976 Album of the many faces of Batavia.  


You, the people of Batavia, will be invited, urged, coerced, to take pictures for this documentary history.  Various categories will be needed:  Notables -- doctors, lawyers, merchants, chiefs -- Tom, Dick and Harriets, your wife, husband, boss, secretary, citizen of the year; groups -- city council, Boy Scout troop, Brownies, fraternal organizations, firemen before the new engine; activities -- people swimming or playing tennis, little tots in a nursery, kids with pets.  


There will be no losers, but many winners, including the Batavia Library and the Depot Museum who will mount these in a big album as a major Bicentennial project.  Watch the newspapers for more specific details.



News in Brief


Jean Conde almost singlehanded is running a tremendous membership campaign. We have a good and supportive group in the Batavia Historical Society but we definitely need new members both for help and cash. As our responsibilities increase our active membership has decreased. From a small business we have become a big operation.  


Our membership dues in 1975 amounted to $573.00 while we spent about $4000.00 on the Museum alone in its first year of existence. (Apparently we are way ahead of most museums in our protection of artifacts, for instance). Jean has mailed out 500 requests for membership, a newspaper article has appeared and you are urged to actively recruit members. Hail!


Mrs. Ann Alexander has arranged for a gala day for Museum volunteers April 2 from 12M - 4 P.M. All volunteers are invited to visit the Martin-Mitchall Museum in Naperville. Transportation and admission courtesy of the Park Board. Luncheon - Dutch treat at the Willoway Manor. Make reservations with Barbara Sawitoski, 879-1193.



More News in Brief


The Furnas Foundation has most generously contributed $400.00 to be used as we see fit. We should like to apply this sum as a token payment toward an Elaine Cannon "room." The Historical Society has been fortunate to have had talented persons such as Elaine and Mary Bergeson as founding members. We trust now as landscaping of the site starts that the tree in Mary's honor can be planted.


The Batavia Historical Society is supporting J. B. Nelson elementary school kids in a float for the Bicentennial parade. Our role will include the use of the Newton wagon and other artifacts and financial support. Incidentally, Mrs. Charles Graver, owner of the Dainty Daisy Beauty Shop, has graciously volunteered use of a hayrack and truck for this event. Honorary memberships in recognition of helpful friends will be announced at this meeting.


Jerry Miller has set up your treasury books in a double entry system - another sign of big business. A financial report will be distributed on April 4.


You're invited to a birthday party at the Batavia Depot Museum. Watch for details.


More later.  See you at the next meeting, April 4, at the Congregational Church!


Lucile Gustafson