Volume Sixteen

No. 5


P.O. Box 15

December, 1975


Regular Open Meeting


Time: Sunday, December 7, 1975 3:00 p.m.

Place: Pine Room, Congregational Church of Batavia




In the Sanctuary - 3:45 p.m. Organ Recital,

Mrs. Miriam Johnson 4:00 p.m.


THE GENEVA CHOIR BOYS, Lawrence Barton, Director




”THE PROLOGUE: "Ave Verun"   


Mozart "THE PROCESSIONAL: “The Angel of Goodwill and Peace”   


MendelssohnTHE ANNUNCIATION SCENE:. “O Jesulein Suss” (sung in German) J. S. BachTHE NATIVITY SCENE: “From Heaven Above to Earth I Come”    


S. Wesley THE SHEPHERD'S SCENE: “Lobt Gott Ihr Christen Allzugleich" (soprano recitative sung in German) Quartet: Kyle Danielson, Charles Nelson, Todd Parillo & John Stone THE THREE KING'S SCENE: "Processional of the Kings" (Trumpets and pipe organ)


THE THREE KING'S ANTEPHON: "Jesu Christus kommt aus Himmel" (sung in German) Quartet: Kyle Danielson, Todd Parillo, John Rosenkrans and John Stone THE RECESSIONAL: “O Blessed Saviour”    


Gounod THE EPILOGUE: “Pax Domini sit Semper Vobiscum” (sung in Latin)       arr. Barton



We are indeed fortunate to be able to present a program of such high quality as a service to the people of our community.  All the churches have received individual invitations to attend.  There will be no admission charge but there will be a free will offering for those who wish to help defray the immediate costs.  We shall be sure the balcony seats are dusted because we expect a large attendance.  Since this is a robed, treble choir we think children will enjoy it too. Revolutionary change . . . there will be no refreshments for adults but there will be punch and cookies for the choir after the program.  If you feel ambitious, call Mary Matteson to tell her you have a spare dozen cookies that you would be happy to bring for the boys' party.


In order that Batavia may better celebrate its heritage in the up-coming Bicentennial year, as it is related to the windmill industry, the city of Batavia, in conjunction with the Batavia Historical Society, is sponsoring “THE WINDMILL HERITAGE PHOTO CONTEST”.

The contest will be operated under the following rules:

1) The contest is open to all residents of the City of Batavia, Batavia Township and residents out of the area who are members of the Batavia Historical Society.

2) There will be four categories of competition:  Amateur - 9rades 5-8  Amateur - High School  Amateur - Age 18 and up  Professional

3) The pictures may be of any windmill and may be color or black-and-white, prints or slides,

4) Judging will be based on:  Composition  Appropriateness  A photo's ability to take enlargement  Fitness for display purposes,

5) Photo of winners will be enlarged, matted and displayed in the City Hall and/ or the Depot Museum and given to the winners after an appropriate time. The "Grand-Prize Winner" will be enlarged, matted and framed, and displayed in the City Complex.

There will be special prizes for the youngsters. Entry photos should:  Be no larger than 8 x 10, if prints  Have name, address and category on slide or print. 3) Accompanied by stamped, self-addressed envelope, if return is desired. Entries should be sent to the attention of: William B. Hamiltonc/o City of Batavia Municipal Bldg., 101 N. Island Avenue Batavia, Illinois 60510 All entries must be in by January 15, 1976.




Under the joint sponsorship of the Batavia Public Schools, the Bicentennial Commission, the Batavia Historical Society, the Batavia Depot Museum and you, "Illinois History", a magazine for young people, each month during the school year offers our children opportunities to write on various topics of local history, the best ones being printed in the state paper. Various times local students have won publication.  


The November, 1975 issue topic was "Indians in Illinois" for which we had no entry.  However, Mrs. Margaret McConnaughay, curriculum director, has distributed material about the upcoming topics so our students can participate: Publication date         

Topic   Due Date February, 1976           

Abraham Lincoln       

December 1, 1975 March, 1976    Life on the Frontier    

January 1, 1976 April, 1976      Revolutionary War Ancestor

February 1, 1976 May, 1976       Bicentennial Celebrations      

March 1, 1976

The special emphasis in the Centennial Celebration is local history, so if you have any letters, newspapers, diaries, or whatnot, that would be helpful they would certainly be appreciated.  Xerox copies are being made available for their use, e.g., Xerox copy of Lincoln's legends relating to Judge Lockwood. OUR CHRISTMAS CALENDARDecember 3: "The Colonial Printer" - film at the Depot Museum at 8 p.m. December 7: Regular meeting of the Batavia Historical Society at 3 p.m. Musical concert in the sanctuary at 3:45 p.m. December 21: Christmas reception at the Depot Museum at 3 - 5 p.m. Mrs. Ann Alexander, our curator, dreamed this up and it will be truly delightful.  Brownies and scouts, some of our favorite museum customers, will help with decorations and serving.


Carollers too! "Do you suppose the Historical Society will help?" she asked.  Of course, that is our business.  Who has an artificial Christmas tree to give or lend?  Who has Christmas decorations, roping or toys?  If you do, please drop them off at the museum Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  Or phone 879-1800 for pickup. December 25: Merry Christmas to all of you, especially those who are not with us because of distance or illness.  (Do you remember the delightful Christmas Swedish party we enjoyed last year?) MUSEUM GOSSIPThe museum's security is a great satisfaction.  It seems that our generous friends are leaving precious artifacts with greater confidence that they are safe.  The fire safes hold many an old valuable document, for example, the original 1854 Halladay catalog that you saw duplicated in the Beacon a few weeks ago.  (Didn't Marj Holbrook do a beautiful job on the windmill story? As a result of it, Mr. Goldstrap of Aurora sent us an order made on Kinne and Shaw bill head of a case of strawberries for $1.27.)  


Ann has purchased many anti-acid boxes to hold the hundreds of old newspapers, magazines and photographs.  More safety, valuable artifacts may deteriorate from exposure to the sun. This has worried both Miss Pat Verderbar and Mrs. Ann Alexander.  The B.H.S. board, months ago, arranged for a $10,000 umbrella insurance on the contents of the museum.  


We need to have all items cataloged, appraised and photographed before more insurance work can be done.  That is why professional librarian, Miriam Johnson, is processing the many ancient books.  Ann Ross is assisting her.  Through the length of the storage room, two professionals, Carol Larson and Jean Clark have offered to work with the gowns.  Other very knowledgeable persons are working elsewhere.  (One of these days, Ella Mae Doty may refuse to measure one more photograph!)


Blessings on the faithful persons who come month after month to act as host and hostess.  And typists too. End of page even though there is much more to be said.  We'll have to say it on December 7, at the December meeting at the Congregational Church. Good bye for now ..... Lucille Gustafson