Volume Sixteen

No. 1


Batavia, Illinois, January 1975

Published by the Batavia Historical Society 



Sunday, February 9, 1975 at 2:30 P. M.,

Bartholomew Civic Center




Speaker . . . . . Mr. Fred Graham       

Subject . . . . . .  "Flickering Lights"


Mr. Graham, president of the Aurora Historical Society and a recognized authority on antiques, will present a brief discussion concerning the development of artificial means of lighting, going back almost to the time of Christ.  He will bring a great variety of lighting fixtures to demonstrate his talk that those present may inspect afterward.


Also, those attending are invited to bring unique lamps or candles. Lucille and Herb Carlson will sort of organize this phase.


Local Lights? The old Newton house was the first in town to be lighted with gas lamps.  (By the way, in 1902 Batavia was the first place in the world to have artificial gas piped in under pressure). The old manorial William Van Nortwick house on the site of the present Junior High School athletic field was the second home in the world to be lighted with electricity.




The Batavia Historical Society will recommend for your consideration several changes in the existing by-laws as submitted by Martha Wood, chairperson of constitutional revision committee, to wit:




Article IV -- Officers: The officers of the Society shall consist of a president, vice-president, recording secretary, treasurer, historian, and four trustees.


Amended to read:

The officers of this Society shall consist of president, vice-president, recording secretary, corresponding secretary, treasurer, historian, and six trustees.


Under Article III, a new provision for dues changed this to: $2.00 per person yearly, except for husband and wife paying $3.00 jointly and each additional member of family paying $2.00 yearly. This could be changed to: membership fee as determined by the Board. I would recommend that we go over the whole Constitution and update it.


Article XI -- "Amendments to the by-laws may be made at any meeting provided a notice is sent to all members at least 30 days in advance of the meeting. “My interpretation would be that it is not necessary to send the actual changes but just notify that changes are to be suggested.




We are grateful to both Glenn Haines and to Bob Scott for their many, many courtesies to the association.  At the February 9 meeting you will see early lithographs that Bob framed at cost and an elaborate glass case that he constructed at no cost for a windmill donated by Elmer Nelson.  We are also grateful to Phil Elfstrom for printing first-day covers to commemorate the Depot Museum dedication April 12 and 13.




When “thank yous” are given out for the success of the Christmas party, special appreciation goes to the Square Dancers.  They volunteered most courteously to postpone their meeting time until 3:30 P.M. so that we could conduct our meeting without disruptive noises.




Guess what! We now possess a Newton wagon, a scarce item these days.  You figure out how to pay for it without touching our $4000 government certificates.




This newsletter ends in a note of sadness because of the death of Miss Erma Jeffery.  But she would not want to be remembered with sorrow, but with happiness.  She lived a life full of fun, creativity, liveliness.  And that is the way this charter member of the Batavia .Historical Society made her contribution to the association and to all with whom she came in contact.  She will be greatly missed.



See you February 9 at 2:30 for our annual meeting in the Bartholomew Civic Center!


Lucile Gustafson, Chairman.