Volume Fifteen

No. 5


December 1, 1974


Regular Meeting - -  A Swedish Christmas Party


Time – 2:30 P.M. – December 1, 1974

Place – Bartholomew Civic Center




Swedish Music     

Mrs. Pauline Faeth, Leader -

Singers From faith Covenant and Bethany Lutheran Church Choirs


Swedes Come to Batavia 

Pastor Gustaf Lund


Our Swedish Churches          

Miss Jennie Larson


Swedish Music - Swedish Nicknames and Stories        

Mrs. Ralph Larson           

Judith Johnson


Swedish Dancing       

Ingrid Hoelzle, Leader

Girl Scouts – Troop 98


Photograph Display   

Frank Olson


REFRESHMENTS and Svenska Cookies . . .

Mrs. Svea Erd, Chairman


NOTE:  All Swedes are invited / urged / required to bring a dozen cookies to share with the less fortunate non-Swedes.




What a joyous occasion this promises to be for those who come with happy hearts and a spirit of goodwill!  December 1 is the first day of Advent, which accounts for the earlier hour . . . 2:30 P.M. rather than 3:00 P.M.  In this way, those present can attend late afternoon church services (as well as avoid some of the competitive commotion of square dancing). Batavia has been rich in ethnic differences.  Lest we become entirely homogenized culturally, let us enjoy and gain understanding of our various cultural heritages. 

(Phil, how about St. Patrick and the Irish?)




The museum refurbishing goes well with renewed momentum.  Miss Pat Verderbar, director, says that the building will assuredly be ready for occupancy in the next two or three months with dedication definitely set for April 12.  She is now beginning to organize volunteer help. The Historical Society assures her every assistance. In terms of the conduct of the Museum our role, under agreement, will be principally supportive rather than directive.  


(As an aside, you will be thrilled with the beauty, safety and convenience of the finished building).Our supportive role, in part, means a financial subsidy limited to equipment not built in. This takes some doing. The beautiful stationery of Batavia buildings as depicted by John Gustafson will again be available December 1. Some of you have bought sets for framing. Each of you will need at least six sets more for personal use, gift exchanges and long distance mailing.  


These are unique, on excellent quality paper.

Also available on that date will be an entirely new item.  Sadie Lundberg and her committee will have sepia table mats decorated with an 1872 lithograph of John VanNortwick Greek Revival House that once stood where the Junior High School is now.  (Some of us know this as the Home Economics Building but none of use ever saw such high-stepping horses or fancy carriages as are in this view). These will be available in quantity or in packets of twelve suitable for bridge parties, gifts, or daily use.  Good quality paper again.



The Heritage Structure Committee has met and started plans for the identification and “placquing” of hundred tear old houses. They are meeting November 25 and representatives of other likeminded organization with Mr. Ted Hild of the Illinois Landmark Survey Commission will tour the town in order to identify historically significant structures. 


This ad hoc committee will stretch ahead to become part of the Bicentennial Celebration.Other projects under way: Dave Sawitoski and Ray Patzer have made plans to have issued a special postal cancellation at the time of the museums dedication. David Brady is working up a very different project . . . a wooden nickel. An inflation fighter?  The Constitution Revision Committee and the Membership Dues Committee will have reports ready for the December meeting. 



Notice from Neal Conde, Treasurer


Attendance at the Historical Society meetings is open to all. 


However, there are expenses attendant to mailing the newsletters supporting our projects, and so, you will surely want to know that:


1) Your dues are paid through _______


2) 1975 dues are now payable