Volume Fifteen

No. 3


July, 1974

Published by the Batavia Historical Society




Sunday, July 21, 1974



Colorful Characters, Great and Non-Great . . .


Phil Talbot is sure this meeting will be great fun as “recallers” present thumbnail sketches of “famous” people, including Charley Bird, Dolly Bailey, Juny Yung, the Bartholomews, Jule Morris, Babe Woodard, Dr. Hubbard, and others for you to guess!




The Coffin Bank        

Making Money Charter Revisions       

Bicentennial Celebrations




To those who have donated money: Mrs. Jenny Prince, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hall, Mrs. Margaret Allen.

To those who have donated artifacts:  Mrs. Cornelia Snow (widow weeds and hand-embroidered baby dress) and Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hill (W. A. Wolcott pharmaceutical bottles).

To those who donated time, energy, talents and pies for the catering service at the Wright House Auction.  


Profit, $230.00! Especial gratitude goes to the gracious and talented co-chairmen, Barbara Sawitoski and Georgene Kauth.


To those who served refreshments at the 28th meeting.

To all the unnamed saints who lend their support to the Batavia Historical Society and the unifying spirit of Batavia.  

Extra Plus to Miss Mary Snow.




Early photographers of Batavia  

Early history of the windmill industry  

Information of the Disney and Amsbaugh families.


Help! - Written materials about women in Batavia. (Women's Lib?)



Next time you are in the library, take a look at Mr. Don Carlos Newton. He, his brother and his son managed the Newton Wagon Works that constructed such excellent wagons and carriages that they were known throughout the country. Now a Newton Wagon is a valuable "antique" although hardly appropriate for the parlor mantel.



If you have something to tell about early Batavians or something to learn, come not because you must but because you may. You’ll enjoy yourself and so will the friend you bring with you. Enclosed please find a sheet listing volunteer jobs needed either by the Batavia Depot Museum or the Historical Society.  

Bring it with you, completed, to the meeting.  Remember, the Museum cannot succeed without our continuing support.


Be seeing you . . . . . Lucile Gustafson