Volume Fifteen

No. 2


Batavia. Illinois, April 1974

Published by the Batavia Historical Society




Sunday, April 28, 1974 at 3 P.M. Bartholomew Civic Center




Anecdote - Col. Lyons and the Squaws


Myths and Legends of Batavia. Upstairs and Downstairs (Directions to Phase IV) Full Steam Ahead


Jeff Schielke

Ruth Burnham

Pat Verderbar, Museum Director

Business to be Considered


Charter Changes        

A Summer Caravan

New Appointments    



Memorial Trees

Hostesses - Barbara Sawitoski and Committee


Another charter member of the Historical Society died recently. The death of Mrs. Mary Williams, sister of Elaine Cannon, is mourned by many friends. Memorial contributions honoring the following persons have bean received: Mrs. Florence Graham by family and friends Mrs. Betty Anderson by Mrs. Fearl Ellis Mrs. George Ellis by Mrs. Pearl Ellis Mrs. Mary Williams by family and friends




History keeps on happening day by day and hour by hour. And hourly and daily John Gustafson clips pertinent news from the local papers and files them in appropriate notebooks. Items may vary from a story of a bad fire, to the promotion of some local person, to scholastic honors, to the, starting of a trampoline class by the Park Board. It is interesting and reassuring to see that the material is used: Jeff Schielke had been requested to speak to a WCC Class about the Fox River Valley as a resort area.  


The notebooks yielded material about Glenwood, Laurelwood, and Mill Creek Parks. Bud Patzer needed information about early Appleton Manufacturing products. For his use there were catalogues issued before the turn of the century. Joseph Burton, a member of an old Batavia family now living in Geneva, inquired about a news story written by Mrs. Frank Smith, January 6, 1944, in the Aurora Beacon. It concerned reminiscences by Miss Mary Burton at the age of 96. (Miss Burton ran a dry goods store just north of Burton Johnson's drug store).

In light of the fact that we shall soon be using the old Burlington Station from which she left for Chicago as a museum, it is interesting to hear a paragraph of what she said. "Our only train was on the east side (the Burlington, which other residents have described as having wooden rails strapped down with metal bands). I remember one cold morning, when without breakfast and no time to build the fire, my brother Tom and I hurried down the Wilson Street hill in the light of the bright winter moon when everything was glistening. Of course, there were no street lights.  


We then had an early train to Chicago and we went to the wholesale house there to buy my goods.  That was on the days before the traveling man." And so John continues his clipping - Notebook 71 coming up.


Appreciation to - Speakers for the February 3rd meeting:


Mary Snow, Phil Carlson, Dave Sawitoski, Walter Kauth and Mary Matteson as hostess.


Michael Hill for two old pharmaceutical bottles from the W. A. Wolcott - the "drug store on the island".


Mrs. Barton Snow for a handmade baby dress.


Mrs. Graham Evans for the Mary Lincoln bed - the one she used while at Bellevue Hospital.

The Park Commissioners and staff, who have worked so ably in enlisting the talents of local citizens in support of the moving and establishment of the Batavia Depot Museum. It is astounding that a quarter of a town should voluntarily contribute money, talents, efforts and artifacts. The Historical Society certainly commends their achievements and assure their continued enthusiastic support of the total project.



Membership in Batavia Historical Society helps instill an appreciation of who we are and to meet additional expenses due to the opening of the museum.


Lucile Gustafson