Volume Fourteen

No. 2


April, 1973

Published by the Batavia Historical Society


One of America's angry writers, Eric Sevareid, recently predicted that our last frontiers of serenity and space will disappear unless we learn, as the English have, that progress has to be defined to mean preserving and cherishing as well as changing and improving.Stewart Udall


Next Meeting


Sunday, April 29th, at 3 P. M.

Bartholomew Civic Center




John Glenn will speak on his "Hobby of Raising Orchids."  A member of the Batavia Plain Dirt Garden Club, Mr. Glenn is well known for his· friendly service at our local post office. Refreshments will be served by Mrs. Joseph Burnham, Mrs. Arthur Adams and Mrs. Glen Nelson.


At the February meeting, Dr. Roland Ely described his experiences with presenting an educational program to men in Illinois prisons.  He says it is gratifying to see improvement in morals and personal ambitions as men meet the academic challenges. Bill Benson sang several numbers.  The Society always knows it is a special treat to hear him.


Ed Hampton gave the Historical Society a Batavia Code Book.


The Society extends its sympathy to the family of Alfred Bergeson and to Mr. Axel Burkwist.


One purpose of a historical society is to preserve all historical items about Batavia and Kane County.  We clip the Herald and the Beacon News but items in other papers about Batavia we may overlook.  If you see any such item, will you please mail them to us.  We will file them until the Museum is established. (J. G.)


The Batavia Public Library had its 100th Anniversary on April 8, 1973.  In all that time there have only been four head librarians:  Mr. Buck, Margaret Twinning, Cassie Stephens and Miriam Johnson.