Volume Fourteen

No. 1


February 1973

published by the Batavia Historical Society


Dedicated men and women, convinced that a people must know its heritage to be strong, fight to preserve America's historic landmarks in the midst of modernization.

-Ford Times


Next Meeting


Sunday, Feb. 11, at 3 P.M.

Bartholomew Civic Center




Dr. Roland Ely, Prof. at Northern Illinois University, who will speak on "A. L. A. S. – Wings

Bilingual: Bilingual Culture for Spanish Speaking Prisoners in Illinois." Dr. Ely is a resident of Batavia and a member of the local Historical Society.


Vocal Solo - William B. Benson.  Accompanied by Mrs. Walter Evert. Refreshments - Mrs. Svea Erd, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Micholson.


Everyone enjoyed the program of music given by the Junior High at the December meeting. Report of the Nominating Committee.


The following slate of officers is proposed:


President  - Mrs. Judd

Vice President - Phil Talbot

Secretary - Mrs. Walter Evert

Treasurer - Neal Conde

Trustee (2 years)  - William Maddox

Trustee (l year) - Richard Lavoy



We thank the outgoing officers for their sincere interest and concern for the Society during their term of office.

One Hundred Years Ago


The Batavia Library was made a free library and moved to the Buck Block. F. H. Buck was chosen librarian, which position he held for fifteen years. The library had 384 volumes. The Island Mills became the property of the Batavia Paper Mfg. Co., who leased it to H. Cogger. Newton and Co. Incorporated with Levi Newton as president, Don Carlos Newton as vice president and H. K. Wolcott as secretary.


The C. & N.W. Ry. laid tracks from Geneva to Batavia. They wished to use Batavia stone for building shops at West Chicago and at Crawford Avenue in Chicago. 1873 was known as the panic year - caused by overexpansion.