SPECIAL MEETING BATAVIA HISTORICAL SOCIETY                                                         

Batavia, Illinois

BATAVIA CIVIC CENTER                                                                       

June 3, 1969


JUNE 22, 3:00 P.M.


Dear members of the Batavia Historical Society: At the meeting of the official board of the Batavia Historical Society held on May 9th, a group of Batavia businessmen presented a plan for the restoration of the old Q depot located at the corner of Webster and Van Buren streets.  The park board would use the upper rooms for offices, the old waiting room and ticket office would be restored as in the early days of the railroad. They would allow the Historical Society to use the remaining rooms of the apartment downstairs for storage, filing, and display of objects and papers which have been given the Society over the past years.


There are many questions which have arisen:


1.      How much of an obligation will the Society assume if the offer is accepted?

2.      How much will it cost to restore the building?

3.      Who will raise the money to pay for the building?

4.      Will the building remain where it is or will it be moved?  If it is to be moved, where?

5.      How will the building be maintained? There are many other questions which will be discussed at a special meeting to be held at the Civic Center on June 22.. Please plan to be present to voice your ideas and vote on whether to accept or reject the offer.  You may mail suggestions if you cannot be present.


Martha D. Wood