Volume One

No. 4

Batavia, Illinois
September, 1960

You know the past, the present is but a fleeting moment, and the future is something we can discuss only with anticipation.
Ralph Budd, Former Pres. of the CB&Q RR


Again we have a right to be proud of our Society meeting.  Not only for the attendance of almost 150, filling the basement of the Immanuel Lutheran Church, but also for the program.  
Miss Eunice Shumway, our president, called the meeting to order promptly at 3:00 p.m.  After a short business meeting, Phil Carlson read an excellent paper on the history of the host church.  We are most grateful to this Church for the use of its basement assembly room.
The event of the afternoon was a talk by Miss Erma Jeffery on the "History of the Kinne and Jeffery Co. Department Store".  With her usual pep and humor, she related a most exciting story of this grand old store. Twenty-four former employees of the store were present and were introduced.  
Later a group picture of them was taken by Mrs. Pauline Campbell.  After the meeting, they were entertained at the home of Miss Erma Jeffery.

In 1874 Isaac B. Kinne founded this store, selling groceries and drugs.  Two years later he rented the present store, then a one story stone building and took his son, Myron M., as a partner.  Later he purchased the store.  In 1880 he invited J. W. Jeffery to become his partner with one-third interest in the business.  When a 5 and 10 cent department was added, it necessitated a second floor.  This department, particularly the candy counter, was an immediate success.  Dry goods, china and glassware were added.  The sale of toys at Christmas time only was the big event of the year. The aroma of roasted coffee, which sold for l2½ cents a pound, was an attraction.  Roasted peanuts were sold on Saturday nights. When a third floor was added, flour and apples were stored there. For a time the store had the agency for the Overland automobile and sold a total of six.

The display arranged by Mrs. Elaine Cannon included many advertising cards used by stores at the time that Kinne and Jeffery store flourished.  News articles of 1903 and 1913 and a small booklet about the store were of special interest. Mrs. Pauline Campbell exhibited unusually interesting photographs of Batavia, two of which have received awards from the Chicago Historical Society.

We are delighted to present our first project towards having John Gustafson's History of Batavia printed in pamphlet form. John has allowed us to use ten of his ingenious linoleum blocks of historical scenes in Batavia for notes which are in a
beautiful white portfolio. They are being sold, boxed, for $1.75 and may be obtained at the Library and the Batavia Insurance Agency.  We are grateful to John for contributing his artistic work for this project.
The Society is very pleased to announce that the Furnas Electric Company will print the Newsletter from now on.  This is sincerely appreciated by all the members.


Beels, Mr. Roger B

enson, Mr. Ralph C.

Benson, Mrs. Ralph C.

Benson, Mr. Kenneth

Brown, Mrs. Ernest F.

Carlson, Mrs. Lloyd

Chamberlain, Miss Harriet

Clark, Mr. George R.

Corning, Miss Norah

Crozier, Mr. Thomas W.

Ellis, Mr. Charles V.

Elwood, Mr. John F.

Elwood, Mrs. John F.

Frye, Miss Mae

Geiss, Miss Hazel

Griffin, Mrs. Lorne A.

Hoover, Mrs. Arthur B.

Kalina, Mrs. Robert

Kreitzer, Mrs. Irene

Larson, Mrs. Ella Dick

 Larson, Mr. Morris J.

Mitchell, Mrs. Belle D.

Morfee, Mrs. Lily

Newton, Mr. Earl J.

Pennington, Miss Edith

Petit, Mr. William

Rachielles, Mr. William D.

Simon, Dr. Oliver B.

Slogget, Mr. Earl L.

Slogget, Mrs. Earl L.

Standin, Mrs. Alice

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212 N. College St.

219 Union Ave.

Our next meeting will be held on Sunday, November 6th at the First Methodist Church.  Fred Richter will give a talk on the history of the Batavia Fire Department.  Jeff Schielke, our youngest member, will add some remarks.
We acknowledge receipt of gifts from the following and thank them; Mr. Edwin Parre, Miss Ida Kline, Mrs. James W. Wyllie, Mrs. Belle D. Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Filip, Mrs. Lisle G. Hawks, Mrs. Chris Martin, Miss Ethel Alexander, Mr. J. Edw. Anderson, Mr. Ralph Mead, the Batavia Savings and Building Association and Mr. Quentin Blewitt.