Volume One

No. 3

Batavia, Illinois
May 1960  

The very thing that Americans adore abroad they destroy systematically at home.  Old buildings are broken up in the United States as fast as used packing boxes to make way for new ones.  The loss we endure is not merely sentimental.  What we lose is our funded experience. Editorial in ARCHITECTURAL FORUM 


We have a right to be proud of our attendance: of 200 at our last meeting, Sunday, May 1st, in the Bethany Lutheran Church assembly room.  

Everyone enjoyed looking at the elaborate displays arranged by Mrs. Elaine·Cannon and her staff and then listening to a most enjoyable program.

Dr. John C. West spoke on “Fifty Years of Medical Practice in Batavia.”  He told of the many doctors he has known and worked with here and of the developments in curing diseases which he has witnessed during his lifetime.  He displayed a set of surgical instruments used during the Civil War and owned by Dr. A. G. Baxter, and spoke of the progress in surgery. 

A tape recording of his talk was made through the courtesy of Mr. Robert Larson. Mrs. Michael Schomig read a translation of a history of the Bethany Lutheran Church written originally in Swedish by her stepfather, the Rev. Andrew Challman. Mrs. Walter Wood showed some beautiful slides of trees and flowers in Batavia and surrounding area.  She told how many of our grand old trees had been planted by our pioneers and we are forever indebted to them for their thoughtfulness.

Mr. Ralph Moore - Antique baby buggy, used by Eliza McKee FrazierPicture of Dr. Garnsey.
Mr. Don Schielke - Ledger from Kinne & Jeffery of Invoices showing prices of drugs in 1905.
Two Glass Apothecary Jars Mortar and Pestle. Mr. Wayne Westrope - Set of GraduatesApothecary Jars.
Two Medicine Cases.Suppository Mold. Cork Squeezer.
Cigar Cutter. Ice Cream Scoop.
Bleeding Knife.Mr. Bert Johnson - Book of Prescriptions – 1890.
Mr. Ralph Finley - Retort used by Dr. Cox; an early Batavia dentist.Mrs.
Elaine Cannon - A most ingenious apothecary shop done in miniature.A marvel of infinite detail.

Antique baby buggy and $20.00 donat1on – Mr. Ralph Moore.

“Commemorative Biographical and Historical Record of Kane County. (1888) and "Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Kane County, (1904)”  Mrs. E. B. LaSalle.

We thank everyone who helped make our last meeting so successful.  We thank the Bethany Lutheran Church for the use of their assembly room and loud speaker.  We thank the Batavia Herald and the Aurora Beacon News and their reporters for excellent coverage of the meeting. We are happy that one of our members, Mrs. Pauline Campbell, president of the Fox Valley Camera Club, has been honored with the acceptance by the Chicago Historical Society of two of her photographs of Batavia Scenes:  Bellevue Place Sanitarium and the old Manual Training Schedule, now the School for Exceptional Children. These two photographs have been placed in the file of “Chicagoland in Pictures." A Charter of Incorporation for Non-profit has been granted to us by the State of Illinois. 

Any donations to us now are deductible from your income tax.Before you receive this newsletter Batavia Night at the Aurora Historical Museum will be a thing of the past.  We trust that you attended as the Museum is replete with interesting momentos of bygone days of Aurora and surrounding area" A group of fourth-graders from the Alice Gustafson School and their teacher, Mrs. Rhoda Brooks attended our May meeting.  They are studying history of this area and were most welcome.  They have elected officers for an Historical Club of their own in their building and have an interesting museum display. Mrs. Brooks was at the Board of Director’s meeting at Mrs. Eunice Shumway’s home Wednesday evening, May 11th and explained her views of children participation in local history study.  The Board Members heartily concurred with the following suggestions:  Any individual teacher could form an Historical Club in her classroom, a complete entity in itself, with no affiliations. 

It would derive help and inspiration from the Batavia Historical Society, but would not, be formally integrated as a part of the local organization.  The teacher would be welcome as a member of the Batavia Historical Society, if she would like to join.  Each Historical Club would operate as its individual membership desires, holding meetings, having speakers, programs, etc.  They would also be welcome to attend the Historical Society meetings.  If there is more than one club per school, they may choose to meet together - let that be up to each club to decide. We are planning “An Evening of Reminiscences,” outdoors, on the lawn of the Clare Krugers, some time in August.  Watch the newspapers for the exact date. We now have a membership of 158.  Much of this is due to the energy of Miss Alice Storer, chairman of the Membership Committee.

Charter membership will be held open until January 19610.  Annual dues are $1.00.  
Please invite your friends to join.  Life membership is $25.00. 

Atkinson, Mrs. Stella

Benson, Mr. Arnold P.

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Blair, Mrs. J. Harold

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Carlson, Mrs. Philip B.

Cooke, Mrs. Dollie M.

Elwood, Mrs. Franklin G.

Elwood, Mrs. Franklin G.

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Finley, Mr. Ralph H.

Finley, Mrs. Ralph H.

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