Volume One

No. 1


Batavia, Illinois

February 1960



A nation which does not remember what it was yesterday does not know what it is today, nor what it is trying to do. We are trying to do a futile thing if we do not know where we came or what we have been about. - Woodrow Wilson



SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1960, at 3 P.M.


Corner E. Wilson St. and Washington Avenue






History of the Snow Residence


Have you noticed the similarity of the architecture of the Snow and the Brandon homes? Who built these lovely Greek Revival houses?  Mrs. Snow will have the answers. MRS. J. HAROLD BLAIR. The Early Music of Batavians Batavia has always been music-minded. How many Batavia bands can you remember?  Come and talk over "old times" and, of course, "present times" too.




Miss Eunice Shumway, as Temporary Chairman, called the Organization Meeting to order. Mr. Malcolm Derby was made Permanent Chairman, and Mrs. Miriam Johnson, Recording Secretary, until officers are elected. Mr. Raymond Patzer read the proposed By-Laws for the Batavia Historical Society and they were accepted. 


Mrs. Pauline Campbell offered the services of the Fox Valley Camera Club to take pictures of historic interest.  Mr. John Gustafson gave a short talk on “Cycles of Past Industries in Batavia,” mentioning a few salient points on each of the following: The sawmills and flouring mills; The Stone Quarries; The paper mills; The ice industry.


Following the meeting everyone enjoyed the excellent display of pictures, maps, and books.




The Batavia Historical Society gratefully acknowledges two gifts from Mr. P. E. Roscoe of 16 South Van Buren Street. Photograph of the Howell Hotel, located at 20-24 South Van Buren Street, taken about 1870. The hotel was torn down about 1900. Sleigh bells which were brought to Batavia from Nova Scotia in 1857 by Mr. William Roscoe.




Charter membership will be held open until January, 1961.

Annual dues Are $l.00.  Please invite your friends to join.


Alexander, Miss Ethel                                 228 S. Second St., Geneva

Allan, Mrs. Margaret A.                               28 S. Second St. Geneva

Anderson, Miss Mary                                  534 W. Wilson St.

Benson, Miss Cora                                     431 Elm St.

Benson, Mr. Wm. B.                                   431 Elm St.

Campbell, Mrs. Pauline                              328 Union Avenue

Cannon, Mrs. Elaine                                   519 l'18in Street

Derby, Mr. Malcolm R.                                420 S. Batavia Avenue

Evert, Mrs. Walter                                      315 Locust St,

Glidden, Mr. Robert T.                                617 Carlisle Rd

Glidden, Mrs. Robert T.                              345 N. Batavia Avenue

Grigg, Dr. Walter K.                                    R. 1, Box 293

Gustafson, Miss Alice                                  R. 1, Box 293

Gustafson, John A.                                     R. 1, Box 293

Hampton, Mr. Ed                                       R. 2, Box 380, West Chicago

Hazelton, Mr. H. James                              12 S. Van Nortwick

Jervis, Hr. Frank R.                                    29 S. Bennett St., Geneva

Johnson, Mr. Carl W.                                  229 N. Washington St.

Johnson, Mrs. Miriam H.                             229 N. Washington St.

Johnson, Mr. Walter R.                               232 N. Jefferson St.

Jones, Mrs. Horace N., Jr.                           346 Elm St.

Joslyn, Miss Florence                                 116 Columbia St.

Kline, Miss Ida                                          111 Franklin St.

Kruger, Mr. Clare J.                                   125 S. Washington St.

Kruger, Mrs. Clare J.                                  125 S. Washington St.

Lundberg, Mr. J. Elliott                               912 Walnut St.

McDowell, Miss Viola                                  19 S. Van Buren St.

Mier, Mr. August J.                                    739 Cleveland Avenue.

Patzer, Mr. Raymond J.                             237 Republic Rd.

Patzer, Mrs. Raymond J.                            237 Republic Rd.

Perrow, Mrs. Agnes                                    R. 2., Box 380, West Chicago

Peterson, Mrs. Iver M.                               504 Walnut St.

Rendler, Mrs. Arthur W.                             106 N. Van Buren St.

Rowland, Mrs. S. W.                                  504 Walnut. St.

Schielke, Jeffery                                       203 N. Washington St.

Shumway, Miss Eunice K.                           232 S. Batavia Avenue

Simon, Hrs. Oliver B.                                 418 Elm St.

Simpson, Mrs. Bruce J.                              230 N. Jackson St

Snow, Mrs. Barton S.                                 528 S. Batavia Avenue

Smith, Mrs. Frank P.                                  421 Main St.

Stephano, Mrs. Joseph P.                          379 Republic Rd.

Storer, Miss Alice                                      116 Columbia St.

Williams, Mrs. Mary B.                               519 Main St.

Williams, Mrs. G. P.                                  5 S. Jackson St.

Wood, Mrs. Walter H.                                702 Walnut St. 


It is interesting to note that these members range in age from eight years to over eighty.


By-Laws for the batavia historical society





The name of this Society shall be the Batavia Historical Society.




The objective of this Society shall be the discovery, preservation and dissemination of knowledge about the history of Batavia Township, Kane County Illinois. To collect and preserve books, pamphlets, papers, photographs, relica and other historical objects. To receive by gift, grant, bequest, devise or purchase books, museums, moneys, real estate and other property. To encourage the preservation of historical monuments and buildings and to suitabley mark them. To publish historical material in newspapers and in pamphlets and books. To hold meetings with addresses, lectures, papers and general discussions.




Any person may become a member of this Society upon the payment of $1.00 as the first year's dues. Annual dues of $1.00 must be paid before or on the date of the annual meeting. Life membership or a memorial membership may be acquired by the single payment of $25.00.




The officers of this Society shall consist of a president, vice-president, recording secretary, treasurer, historian and four trustees. These officers shall be elected by voice or written ballot at the annual meeting. They shall serve for one year, except the trustees. The trustees shall serve two years except those elected at the first election. At the first election two shall be elected for one year and two for two years.




It shall be the duty of the president to preside at all meetings of the Society. In the absence of the prtesident the chair shall pass to the other officers in the order previously listed. The secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings and read them at the following meeting for approval. The treasurer shall have charge of all funds of the Society. He or she shall keep a careful and accurate record of the receipts and disbursements for the year and shall make an itemized report at all meetings. The treasurer shall pay out the moneys of the Society only on the presentation of bills approved by the board of directors as attested by the secretary. The historian shall gather together and carefully preserve and file the historical materials of this Society.




All business affairs and property of the Society shall be managed and conducted by a board of Directors. This Board shall consist of the officers plus the trustees. The Board of Directors shall meet four times a year or at the call of one of its members. A quorum of the Board shall be five members. Any cacancy in the membership of the Board of Directors, or any office, shall be filled by the remaining members of the Board until the next election.




The Board shall appoint the following committees: membership, finance, publicity and nominating. These comittees shall consist of 3 or 5 members. The nominating committee shall be appointed at least 20 days before the annual election. The Board may appoint other committees as they become neccessary.




The Society shall meet at least 3 times a year. The time and place to be announced by the Board of Directors. One meeting shall be announced as the annual meeting. At all meetings of the Society a majority of the members present shall constitute a quorum.




This Society shall be enrolled as an annual member of the Illinois State Historical Society.




Roberts Rule of Order (revised) shall be the parliamentary authority at all meetings of the Society. At the regular meeting of the Society the following shall be the order of business:


Call to order

Reading and approval of the minutes of the previous meetings.

Treasurer's report

Reports of committees

Unfinished business

New business

Program or social time




Amendments to these by-laws may be made at any meeting provided a notice is sent to all members at least 30 days in advance of the meeting. Amendments may be passed by a two-thirds vote of the voting members present.